Concurrent Enrollment FAQs


Q: What is Concurrent Enrollment?

A: The Concurrent Enrollment (Dual Enrollment) program is for high school students under 21 years of age who are enrolled in the 9th – 12th grade in a school district and who demonstrate academic preparedness. Students earn both high school and college credit for the same course, and the students’ share of college tuition (not fees or books) is paid by the school district. Students in 12th grade may enroll in college basic skills courses, if approved by their school district. To enroll in a course at CCA, a student must have completed the minimum course prerequisites and all required assessments.

Q: Who is eligible for Concurrent Enrollment?              

A: College courses are free to all high school students who meet the course prerequisite requirements. 

Q: Who pays for the Concurrent Enrollment tuition?

A: Concurrent Enrollment courses are free to the student. The school districts pay tuition for all in-state “resident” high school students.  Refer to Concurrent Enrollment Programs Act C.R.S. 22-35-101 to 112. Textbooks and additional course fees are the student’s responsibility.

Q: What is the difference between Drop and Withdrawal dates?

Census (Drop)- Students may drop the CCA part of a concurrent enrollment class up to the census date of the class, usually 20% of the way through the class. When students drop a class, it does not appear on their college transcripts and tuition is not charged.
Withdraw – Students may withdraw from the CCA part of a concurrent enrollment class between the census and the withdraw date of the class, usually 80% of the way through the class. When students withdraw from a class, they receive a "W" on their college transcript and the school district is still charged tuition.

Q: What does a Concurrent Enrollment Agreement and Registration Form for the student look like?

A: The student Concurrent Enrollment High School Agreement and Registration form can vary depending on the school district.

Q: Does CCA have a bookstore? 

A: Yes! CCA Campus Bookstore

Q: How do I contact the Concurrent Enrollment Staff for more assistance?

A:  Contact Information for Concurrent Enrollment

Q: Can high school students take classes at CCA?

A: Yes! Contact, CCA Concurrent Enrollment Student Support/Enrollment Services at:

Michelle Pacheco
Associate Dean, Concurrent Enrollment
(303) 340-7511

Q: How do students get a copy of their transcript?

A: Students can request an official transcript copy from CCA Student Records. For more information call (303) 360-4700. 

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