Concurrent Enrollment FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Concurrent Enrollment & ASCENT

Getting Started

Q: What is Concurrent Enrollment?

A: The Concurrent Enrollment (Dual Enrollment) program is for high school students under 21 years of age who are enrolled in the 9th – 12th grade in a school district and who demonstrate academic preparedness. Students earn both high school and college credit for the same course, and the students’ share of college tuition (not fees or books) is paid by the school district. Students in 12th grade may enroll in college basic skills courses if approved by their school district. To enroll in a course at CCA, a student must have completed the minimum course prerequisites and all required assessments.

Q: Who is eligible for Concurrent Enrollment?              

A: College courses are free to all high school students who meet the course prerequisite requirements.

For more information contact, CCA Concurrent Enrollment Student Support/Enrollment Services at:

Michelle Pacheco
Associate Dean, Concurrent Enrollment
(303) 340-7511


Q: Who pays for the Concurrent Enrollment tuition?

A: Concurrent Enrollment courses are free to the student. The school districts pay tuition for all in-state “resident” high school students.  Refer to Concurrent Enrollment Programs Act C.R.S. 22-35-101 to 112. Textbooks and additional course fees are the student’s responsibility.

Q: How much does it cost to apply to these programs?
A: Application to CCA, Concurrent Enrollment, and the ASCENT program are offered for free. You will never have to pay out-of-pocket to apply to any of these programs! It is a matter of a few minutes to complete the application processes.

Q: Are there financial aid opportunities for undocumented, DACA, or ASSET-qualifying students?

A: CCA offers a list of financial aid resources for undocumented, DACA, and ASSET qualifying students. The following links are for websites that may be useful for students seeking financial aid opportunities:

Q: Are there financial aid opportunities for Concurrent Enrollment students?
A: CCA offers the Concurrent Enrollment Scholarship. This scholarship is available to CCA Concurrent Enrollment students who wish to continue their academic studies with CCA. This $1,000 award is applicable towards fall and spring semesters; it may be applied toward tuition, fees, and/or books; and is a one-time, non-renewable, non-transferable scholarship. Please click on the following link to learn more about this opportunity and check out the financial aid website for even more opportunities!

Academics & CCA Courses

Q: What is the difference between Drop and Withdrawal dates?

A: Census (Drop)- Students may drop the CCA part of a concurrent enrollment class up to the census date of the class, usually 20% of the way through the class. When students drop a class, it does not appear on their college transcripts and tuition is not charged.
Withdraw – Students may withdraw from the CCA part of a concurrent enrollment class between the census and the withdrawal date of the class, usually 80% of the way through the class. When students withdraw from a class, they receive a "W" on their college transcript, and the school district is still charged tuition.

Q: Which high schools or districts participate in the Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT programs?
A: CCA has partnered with more than two dozen schools and school districts across Colorado to offer college credits, degrees, and opportunities. Please click on the following link to be redirected to our extended list of partnerships we have:

Q: Can I take elective courses for fun?
A: While the college credits received with the Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT programs are intended for students wishing to obtain a degree, this does not mean that students are not allowed to select courses of their interest if they fall under the options or requirements for the intended degree.

Q: If I am in concurrent enrollment courses at my high school, does that mean I am also a CCA student?
A: Yes! Students in the Concurrent Enrollment (or ASCENT program) are also considered CCA students. This means you have available to you the same student and academic resources, event opportunities, and involvement opportunities as a traditional CCA student have. Even if you are enrolled in a course through CCA (while still taking that course at your high school) you are still a CCA student!

Q: I registered for classes at my high school but CCA does not show me as registered, why?

A: It could be due to an error between your student information with your high school and CCA. When registering it is critical that your information is accurate. This includes your S# and your birth name (not preferred name). 

Programs and Success

Q: What makes the Concurrent Enrollment & ASCENT program a good option for students?
A: There are many benefits of being involved in either of these two programs! First, the tuition for the college courses is paid for by the student’s school district – you pay for nothing except your own books and materials! Second, students reduced their time spent pursuing a college degree. Students that select gtPathway (Guaranteed Transfer Pathway) courses are guaranteed to transfer to any public college in Colorado, including, but not limited to, CCA! Lastly, students prepare early on for college-level course work. The rigor and challenge prepare students to achieve a college degree and pursue other opportunities within higher education. The time in these programs is an investment for each and every single student!

Q: As a Concurrent Enrollment student, can I participate in CCA events/opportunities?
A: Yes! Students in either the Concurrent Enrollment or ASCENT program are considered CCA students. This means you have available to you the same student resources, event opportunities, and involvement opportunities as a traditional CCA student has. Even if you are enrolled in one credit through CCA, you are still a CCA student!

Q: Is there an option for housing at CCA?
A: CCA does not offer any on-campus student housing options. However, CCA does offer many great homeless, financial, medical, and legal resources for students that may be in search of them. This is a great way to seek resources regarding housing. If you take a look around campus bulletin boards, students often post rooming/roommate opportunities as well. View the resources offered below!

Q: Are undocumented, DACA, or ASSET-qualifying students able to apply for the Concurrent Enrollment or ASCENT program?
A: Absolutely! CCA, apart from being a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), offers many great resources and opportunities for undocumented, DACA, and ASSET-qualifying students. CCA is an equal opportunity, non-discrimination, and affirmative action institution. More information for undocumented, DACA, or ASSET-qualifying students can be found on the following link, or you may also reach out to the Associate Director of Concurrent Enrollment, Michelle Pacheco at: or (303) 340-7511

ASCENT Program

Q: Am I guaranteed to get into ASCENT?
A: The Accelerating Student through Concurrent Enrollment (ASCENT) program at CCA has four important requirements that all interested students must fulfill: first, students must meet all graduation requirements for their high school; second, the student must successfully complete 12 credit hours of concurrent enrollment coursework prior to the end of their senior year; third, students must be ready for college coursework and receive certain test scores; lastly, all students must have an ICAP (Individualized Career and Academic Plan) on file at CCA. Additional and other important information is found in the following link:

Q: Who do I contact to get started with ASCENT?
A: Please reach out to your high school advisors. They will be able to assist you with additional information, requirements, and any questions or concerns, you may have.

General Questions

Q: What does a Concurrent Enrollment Agreement and Registration Form for the student look like?

A: The student Concurrent Enrollment High School Agreement and Registration form can vary depending on the school district.

Q: Does CCA have a bookstore? 

A: Yes! CCA Campus Bookstore

Q: How do I contact the Concurrent Enrollment Staff for more assistance?

A: Concurrent Enrollment Contact Information

Q: How do students get a copy of their transcript?

A: Students can request an official transcript copy from CCA Student Records. For more information call (303) 360-4700. 

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