UPDATE: Vaccines are not required at CentreTech or Lowry campuses. Indoor mask mandate in effect for all CCA buildings. Learn more about important vaccine and mask updates.

Coronavirus Information

August 16, 2021 Update: Fall 2021 Covid-19 Policy Update from President Dr. Mordecai Ian Brownlee and Director of Security and Emergency Management Travis Hogan

August 11,2021 Update: “Important Vaccine and Mask Updates for CCA”—from CCA President Dr. Mordecai Brownlee 

Dear CCA students,  

First, I want to commend you for resiliency as we all continue to navigate these challenging and unprecedented times. This past year and a half has been anything but easy, but you all have risen to the challenge of starting, continuing, or finishing your college education. On behalf of our faculty, instructors, and staff, know that we are proud of you and we thank you for entrusting CCA with your academic pathway and career preparedness. 

As another semester approaches, I wanted to provide an update regarding what college operations at CCA will look like this fall. Please know that all of us at CCA—from the instructors to the support team to the administrative staff—will be here to help and support you in any way we can. 

After many conversations and much consultation with local health experts, Colorado Community College System Chancellor Joe Garcia, and other CCCS college presidents, CCA: 

  • Will not require employees, students, or volunteers at the CentreTech or Lowry campuses to be vaccinated against COVID-19. 
  • Will comply with the recent City of Denver vaccination mandate due to the geographical jurisdiction of the Colorado Film School (CFS). As outlined in the City of Denver FAQs, employees and volunteers at CFS will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by September 30, 2021. 
  • In conjunction with the recommendation of the Tri-County Health Departmentwill require everyone to wear a mask while inside any of CCA’s buildings, effective August 16, 2021, and until further notice. (Please see below for more information on mask guidelines and special accommodations).

With the widespread availability of vaccines, many experts thought—and we all hoped—we were headed for a more normal fall semester of academic and social interactions at CCA. However, the dramatic spread of the Delta variant and other factors have raised new concerns and challenges and forced us to pivot once again. 

I understand there are diverse and strong opinions about these matters, but I wholeheartedly believe this plan is a good middle ground and the best path forward for the CCA campus community. 

As with everything related to the pandemic, We will continue to monitor the situation closely, listen to guidance from public health experts, and make the best decisions possible for everyone. 

Below are answers to questions I’m sure a lot of you have at this point. If you have any questions about this update, please don’t hesitate to speak with your advisor, one of your instructors, or another CCA employee. 

Why isn’t CCA requiring employees, students, or volunteers at the CentreTech or Lowry campuses to be vaccinated? 

CCA’s college vision is “We aspire to be the college where every student succeeds.” “Access” is also one of CCA’s six values. The pandemic has put CCA in the difficult position of balancing everyone’s health and safety with educational access. I believe this plan accomplishes both—it prioritizes CCA employees’ and students’ health and safety while also preserving access for all who seek to improve their lives through a college education. 

Whether someone has or hasn’t been vaccinated, and whether we agree or disagree with that person’s decision, it’s important that we all respect and include one another in CCA’s community of educators and learners. Bullying or harassment in any form, for any reason, will not be tolerated. 

That all being said, CCA is still highly encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. The vaccine has shown to slow the spread of COVID-19, and as the new Delta variant has emerged and continues to spread, getting vaccinated is important now more than ever. Even if you don’t believe the virus poses much of a threat to you personally (and your family), please still consider getting vaccinated to reduce the risk for others. 

Why is CCA requiring employees and volunteers (not students) at the Colorado Film School to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by September 30, 2021? 

The Colorado Film School operates within City of Denver limits, and on August 2, 2021, the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment issued a public health order requiring certain employees in Denver, among them “post-secondary and higher-education” personnel, to be fully vaccinated by September 30, 2021. Read the full public health order. Read FAQs about the City of Denver’s vaccine mandate

Efforts are underway at CCA to ensure compliance.   

Why is CCA implementing another indoor mask mandate? 

CCA's decision to require everyone to wear a mask while inside any of CCA’s buildings starting Monday, August 16, aligns with guidance from public health experts (see the statement below from the Tri-County Health Department, which serves Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas counties). I understand that wearing a mask for a long period of time isn’t the most comfortable thing, but I’m hoping that this safety measure will prevent further disruption to college operations and your learning experience.

For more information on what is and isn't an acceptable face covering, please refer to this "Your Guide to Masks" article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Please note, face shields will not be seen as an acceptable form of a face covering.

Tri-County Health Department endorses the new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about wearing facemasks. Specifically, TCHD recommends that all persons wear masks in school settings regardless of vaccination status and, as long as we have rising rates of community transmission, that everyone including fully vaccinated persons wear a mask in public indoor settings. TCHD’s full update is available on its website.

Will there be any exceptions to the mask mandate?  

Yes, a few:  

  • When studying in a room alone, you can remove your mask. 
  • While outside, employees, students, and college visitors don’t have to wear a mask.  
  • Faculty and staff may remove their mask when presenting.
  • Special accommodations will be made for those who have a medical or religious reason to not wear a mask. For health-related accommodations, please contact Will Flowers, Director of the Office of Disability and Equity, at william.flowers@ccaurora.edu or (303) 361-7395. For religious-related accommodations, please contact Reyna Anaya, Dean of Students, at reyna.anaya@ccaurora.edu or (303) 360-4721.

Will CCA be requiring social distancing as well?  

At this time, no, CCA will not implement any kind of social-distancing measures for employees, students, or college visitors.  

What’s next?  

As we all know, the COVID-19 situation is ever-changing and any health and safety protocols have the potential to change at a moment’s notice. Please keep an eye on your CCA email and the college website for any updates. 

Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact your advisor, one of your instructors, or another CCA employee. 


Mordecai Ian Brownlee, Ed.D.
Community College of Aurora 

Fall 2021 Classes

Employees returned to campus on August 2 with offices fully open. There may still be adjustments to how classes and other events are offered. Fall classes start on August 23 and the majority of classes will be held on campus.

Most fall classes will be held in-person: 65% of the classes will be fully in-person, 82% will have at least some in-person participation, and 18% will be offered as hyflex and/or hybrid. Register today so you don’t miss out on the classes you need. You can view the fall class schedule and learn about CCA’s different course formats.

Fall registration is now open. You can register online. If you need help registering, you can call 303-360-4797 or email admissions@ccaurora.edu

Please note that you must apply to CCA before you can register for classes. If you haven’t yet applied to CCA, you can apply online anytime. The application is free and easy to complete. If you need help applying, you can call 303-360-4918 or email recruiting.careers@ccaurora.edu.  

Safety and COVID-19 Response

To see a complete list of testing free COVID-19 testing sites in the Tri-County area, visit the Tri-County Health Department website.

If you’re a CCA student or employee and displaying a pandemic contagion or other contagious/infectious disease symptoms, being tested for a pandemic contagion or other contagious/infectious disease or self-quarantining at the direction of a medical professional, or have been knowingly exposed to someone with a pandemic contagion or other contagious/infectious disease symptoms, please fill out CCA’s “COVID-19 Report” form.

CO Exposure Notifications is a free and voluntary service developed in partnership with Google and Apple that can notify users of possible exposure to COVID-19. By opting in, your Android or iPhone device will share anonymous tokens with other CO Exposure Notifications users using your phone’s Bluetooth. If another user you’ve been near tests positive for COVID-19 within a 14-day period, the service will notify you. If you test positive, you can easily and anonymously notify others to stop the spread of COVID-19. Visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website to learn more about the app.

When you’re on campus, please be sure to follow the health and safety protocols outlined below. These requirements are based on guidance from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the Colorado Department of Higher Education, the Centers for Disease Control, and the Tri-County Health Department. For more information and guidance, please visit the Tri-County Health Department Isolation and Quarantine COVID-19 Fact Sheet page.

Before coming to campus, do a thorough personal assessment and ask yourself these three questions...

  • “Am I displaying any COVID-19 symptoms?”
    • Symptoms include fever above 100.4, tiredness or fatigue, chills, muscle pain, cough, loss of taste or smell, difficulty breathing, headache, and sore throat. If you’re displaying any of these symptoms, please don’t come to campus and instead contact a healthcare provider or the Tri-County Health Department (303-220-9200) for further information and to inquire about COVID-19 testing. You may return to campus only after you are symptom-free and have had a temperature below 100.4 for at least three consecutive days.
  • “Do I have a family member or household member who is displaying COVID-19 symptoms?”
    • If yes, don’t come to campus and instead contact a healthcare provider or the Tri-County Health Department (303-220-9200). Also, be sure to contact the Dean of Students office (303-360-4771) for information and instructions regarding course options.
  • “Have I been knowingly exposed to anyone with COVID-19 in the last two weeks?”
    • If yes, you have three options:
  1. You can come to campus 14 days after your last known date of exposure.
  2. You can wait 10 days after your last known date of exposure and, if you are not exhibiting symptoms, you can come to campus on day 11.
  3. You can wait 5 days after your last known date of exposure, get a COVID test, and if the test is negative, you can come to campus on day 7.

Mask and Social Distancing Guidelines

  • Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a mask while inside any CCA buildings, effective August 16, 2021, and until further notice.
  • When studying in a room alone, students can remove their mask.
  • While outside, employees, students, and college visitors don’t have to wear a mask. 
  • Faculty and staff may remove their mask when presenting.
  • Special accommodations will be made for those who have a medical or religious reason to not wear a mask.

At this time, CCA does not plan to implement any kind of social-distancing measures for employees, students, or college visitors. 


Please refer to the Tri-County Health Department website to stay up to date on travel advisories.

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