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Acuna, Annalia Title V Support Specialist Title V (303) 360-4911
Agner, Stephanie Administrative Assistant Center for STEM (303) 340-7076
Aguilar, Erik Bilingual College Recruiter Center for Recruitment and Orientation (303) 360-4776
Allah, Shakim Accounting Technician III Fiscal Affairs (303) 360-4732
Alegria, Jose Structural Trades II Facilities (303) 360-4725
Alemu, Melkamu Lead Academic Coach-TRiO SSS-ESL Office of TRIO Programs (303) 360-4835
Anaya, Reyna Dean of Student Success/ Senior Student Affairs Officer Office of the Dean of Students (303) 360-4721
Anderson, Judy Advisor - Debt & Default Management Financial Aid (303) 360-4783
Armstrong, Jordan Computer Systems Technician Information Technology (303) 361-7429
Arroyo-Ramirez, Nereida Campus Visit Coordinator- CTC Center for Recruitment and Orientation (303) 360-4918
Atlee, David Faculty Science Department (303) 360-4939
Baker, Brett Veterans and International School Certifying Official Admissions, Registration and Records (303) 340-7534
Banks, Nicole Director of Concurrent Enrollment Concurrent Enrollment (303) 360-4927
Baral, Chuda Department Chair Math Department (303) 360-4769
Barkofske, Noah Faculty Skilled Trades (303) 340-5230
Barrera, Pedro STEM Pathway Advisor Pathway Advising (303) 360-4986
Basker, Radha Faculty Math Department (303) 340-7580
Beck, Margaret Applications Developer Institutional Research (303) 360-4928
Behforooz, Bita Faculty Behavioral Sciences (303) 340-7509
Bell, Elisabeth Faculty English (303) 340-7541
Bird, Jennifer Academic Program Support Specialist Online & Blended Learning (303) 361-7428
Black, Katie Creative Industries Pathway Advisor Advising (303) 360-4912
Blake, James Help Desk Support Information Technology (303) 360-4990
Bodden, Fruzsina Third-Party Billing Technician Fiscal Affairs (303) 360-4952
Bottelberghe, John Associate Vice President of Administrative Services Facilities (303) 360-4718
Boulgakova, Galina Associate Professor, Acting for the Screen Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7323
Bowens, Joshua Bursar Cashier's Office (303) 360-4763
Brandao, Katherine Faculty Science Department (303) 340-7085
Brownlee, Mordecai President of the Community College of Aurora Office of the President (303) 360-4775
Bunyan, Elda Custodian I - Day Porter Facilities  
Burgess, AJ Admissions Specialist Admissions, Registration and Records (303) 361-7417
Burkhart, JoAnn Learning Designer Online & Blended Learning (303) 340-7007
Butcher, Jane Faculty Math Department (303) 340-5229
Butler, Courtney Assistant Director Strategic Communication & Alumni Engagement (303) 340-7201
Callaway, Robert Director of Talent Acquisition Human Resources & Personnel Success (303) 360-4733
Campbell, Carla Faculty English (303) 361-7409
Carter, Michael Director, Community College of Aurora P.O.S.T Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy Public Service (303) 340-7211
Casillas, SJ Health Pathway Advisor Advising (303) 340-5213
Castillo Rodriguez, Adolfo Faculty Visual & Performing Arts (303) 340-7516
CentreTech, Office Centretech Student Life Office Student Life (303) 360-4729
Chadwick, Geoffrey Associate Professor Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7330
Chakraborty, Saonti Faculty Science Department (303) 361-7421
Cheng, Jeff Faculty Business Department  
Clark, Patrick Faculty English Department (303) 360-4917
Collins, Clair Vice President Enrollment Management & Pathway Success (303) 361-7376
Collins, Twich Program Support Specialist Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7333
Coman, Verlean Pathway Navigator Concurrent Enrollment (303) 360-4935
Conley, Tamara Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Success Office of the Vice President of Academic Success (303) 360-4731
Connelly, Sharon Program Assistant I Human Resources (303) 360-4762
Cook, Tanya Faculty Behavioral Sciences (303) 360-4770
Cordova, Adriana Interim Director Center for Recruitment and Orientation (303) 360-4830
Costello, Robert Testing Specialist Testing Center (303) 361-7530
Coyne, Michael Testing Center Coordinator Testing Center (303) 361-7431
Csanyi, Sarah Part-Time Advisor Pathway Advising (303) 340-7566
Cusack, Kristen Registrar and Director of Admissions Admissions, Registration and Records (303) 360-4701
Dale, Jennifer Dean Online & Blended Learning (303) 360-4730
Daley, Brooke Project Specialist Coordinator Assessment, Strategy, and Performance Excellence (303) 361-7405
D'Angelo, Stacey Department Chair Visual and Performing Arts (303) 340-7529
Davis, Brittany Scholarship & Alumni Engagement Coordinaotr Foundation (303) 360-4926
Davis, Lailah Pathway Advisor Advising (303) 360-4834
Del Dotto, Katlynn Director of Development Foundation (303) 361-7416
Delung, Jim Dean Academic Success and CTE (303) 340-7520
Dempsey, Megan Student Parent Navigator/Project Manager Office of the Dean of Students (303) 360-4941
Dent, Heather Faculty Business (303) 340-7232
Diep, Cuong Custodial I Facilities  
Dillon, Thomas Faculty Science Department (303) 340-7046
DiRenzo, Mark Director of Payroll and Benefits Human Resources & Personnel Success (303) 360-4823
Doherty, Jacob Laboratory Coordinator Science Department (303) 340-7063
D'Portillo, Alexandria Student Support Specialist Academic Learning Center  
Dunbar, Kevin Academic Support Specialist Academic Learning Center (303) 340-7247
Ehrhart, Svetlana Pathways Advisor, Communication, Languages Advising (303) 360-4717
Ertel, Alexandra COSI Navigator Scholarship Resource Center (303) 360-4959
Esmeral, Tatiana Data Specialist Academic Internal Operations (303) 340-7510
Estrada, Fatima TRIO ESL Project Coordinator Office of TRIO Programs (303) 360-4751
Fedynyshyn, Lina Faculty Business (303) 340-7203
Feres, Brandon Dean of General Education Academic Success in General Education (303) 340-7563
Flowers, William Director Office of Disability and Equity (303) 361-7395
Francis, Barbara Faculty Science Department (303) 340-7148
Futumo, Samuel Pathway Advisor Pathway Advising (303) 361-7386
FVM Equipment Cage, Lab Technicians Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7325
FVM Instructor Office, Adjunct Faculty Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7324
Gaer, Kelly Instructional Coordinator Concurrent Enrollment (303) 360-4748
Gaiser, Collier Faculty Math Department  
Gallegos, Elizabeth Director of Financial Aid Advising Financial Aid (303) 360-4702
Garcia, Eduardo Lead Academic Coach- TRIO SSS Traditional Office of TRIO Programs (303) 360-4973
Gaunt, Aric Faculty Psychology (303) 361-7843
Geddes, Mandy Interim Department Chair English Department (303) 361-7373
Geise, Kathleen Interim Department Chair Science Department (303) 340-5218
Graham, Vicki Coordinator, Communication Communication (303) 340-7531
Green, Beau Director of Student Advocacy Services Office of the Dean of Students (303) 621-4986
Green, Kathy Program Director, Center for Adult Education (303) 340-7057
    Community ESL  
Hamideh, Reyann Academic Program Support Specialist Office of the Dean of Students (303) 360-4771
Hamodi, Reem Disability and Equity Coordinator and Interpreter Coordinator Office of Disability and Equity (303) 340-7548
Hardenstein, Christopher Clinical Coordinator Public Service (303) 340-7022
Harrell, Jennifer Faculty Science Department (303) 360-4930
Hattar, Rhonda Faculty Science Department (303) 340-7149
Heer, Haley Student Success Coordinator Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7334
Henderson, Towanna Career Advisor Career Services (303) 340-7202
Herrera Hurtado, Efren College Readiness Program Manager Title V (303) 361-7437
Hesse, Cindy Vice President Human Resources & Personnel Success (303) 360-4752
Hicks, William Associate Professor Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7327
Hines, Erica Director of Talent Development, Engagement, & Belonging Human Resources & Personnel Success (303) 340-7231
Hirsh, Elizabeth Faculty Social Sciences Department (303) 360-4723
Hodgkiss, Aerial Academic Program Support Specialist Center for CTE (303) 340-7208
Hoefler, Deborah Director of Financial Aid Operations and Compliance Financial Aid (303) 361-7393
Hogan, Tori Administrative Assistant I Financial Aid (303) 360-4944
Hogan, Travis Director of Security and Emergency Management Security (CTC) (303) 360-4722
Holat, Lynn Donor Services Foundation (303) 360-4958
Holder, Shari Faculty Math Department (303) 340-7565
Horvath, Brian Department Chair for Skilled Trades Skilled Trades (303) 340-5212
Hua, Susan Director of DEI Office of the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (303) 340-7244
Huffman, Alicia Administrative Project Support Specialist Administrative Services

(303) 360-4785

Hurtado, Karen Admissions and COF Specialist Admissions, Registration and Records (303) 361-7363
Jackson, Azariah Enrollment Specialist Admissions, Registration & Records

(303) 361-7864

Jackson-Carter, Martha Faculty Science Department (303) 340-7120
Jaramillo, Michelle Lead Advisor Advising (303) 340-7091
Jenkins, Mason College Recruiter Center for Recruitment and Orientation (303) 360-4778
Johnson, Julie Pathways Advisor Advising (303) 360-4913
Johnston, Cameron Executive Assistant  Office of the President (303) 360-4821
Karabushin, Yelena Faculty Communication (303) 340-7535
Keller, Kyle Lead Pathway Advisor Pathway Advising  
Klinger, Sonia Accounting Technician II Cashier's Office (303) 360-4827
Kocher, Amy Academic Success Coordinator Academic Learning Center  
Koehler, Aaron Equipment Manager Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7337
Kuyper, Lammert (Avery) Campus Safety Technician Security (CTC) (303) 360-4727
Lambert, Sumner Data Analyst Title V (303) 360-4756
Langston, Paul Department Chair Social Sciences Department (303) 340-7553
Lat, Lily Academic Coach-TRIO SSS Programs Office of TRIO Programs (303) 361-7372
Lattone, Beth Department Chair Public Service (303) 340-7075
Lawrence, Dan Director Library (303) 360-4740
Leahy, James IT Administrator/ SPC Projects Information Technology (303) 360-4994
Lee, Blair Executive Director Strategic Communications and Alumni Engagement (303) 360-4938
Lee, Hyekyung Director Institutional Research (303) 360-4737
Lester, Amalie Graduation Processor Admissions, Registration and Records (303) 360-4712
Levell, Michael Faculty English (303) 340-7557
Light, Brian Faculty Public Service (303) 340-7070
Longman, Ram Department Chair Computer and Digital Technologies (303) 340-7007
Longmire, Laura Campus Safety Technician Security (CTC) (303) 360-4727
Lozano, Nick Accounts Payable Fiscal Affairs (303) 360-4758
Malakouti, Parastoo Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid (303) 340-7248
Maloy, Theresa Accounting Technician II Cashier's Office (303) 340-7552
Marquez, Angela Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office of the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (303) 360-4824
Martin, Kathleen Credentials Evaluator Admissions, Registration and Records (303) 360-4832
Martinez, Carlos Custodian I Facilities  
Martin-Mejia, Ana Dean Academic Effectiveness and Instructional Support (303) 340-7567
McClelland-Fieler, Candace Faculty English (303) 361-7404
McCrary, Stephanie Faculty Nurse Aide & Health Science (303) 340-5284
Mills, Zach Media Content Strategist Strategic Communications & Alumni Engagement (303) 361-7408
Mendoza, Tracy Director of Academic Internal Operations Academic Internal Operations (303) 360-4767
Meyersieck, Jordan Technology, Systems & Space Integration Specialist Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7331
Miller, Darlene Senior Research Analyst Institutional Research (303) 361-7381
Mitchell, Dede IT Desktop Support Information Technology (303) 340-5250
Moore, Jordan Pathway Advisor Pathway Advising (303) 340-7501
Moreno, Brenda Upward Bound Graduate Assistant Office of TRIO Programs  
Morken, Siri Director Nursing Education Program (303) 340-5235
Morrissey, Tom Facilities Director Facilities (303) 340-7110
Munnelly, Patrick Faculty English Department (303) 340-7598
Munoz, Sherie Director Academic Learning Center (303) 340-7536
Munoz-Barron, Colleen Payroll and G/L Accountant Cashier's Office (303) 360-4957
Murphy, David Executive Assistant to the President Office of the President (303) 360-4775
Murphy, Glen Helpdesk/Deskside Support Lead Information Technology (303) 340-7230
Myal, Jake Faculty Skilled Trades (303) 340-7207
Nation, Veronica Director of Grant Development Assessment, Strategy, and Performance Excellence (303) 340-5225
Neupane, Dilu HR Generalist Human Resources (303) 360-4934
Neupane, Narayan Faculty Math Department (303) 340-7576
NewmanBrown, Nora Campus Safety Technician Security (CTC) (303) 360-4727
Nguyen, Chanh Custodian I Facilities  
Nguyen, Chau Custodian I Facilities  
Nguyen, Vu Custodial I Facilities  
Noska, Jason Learning Design & Tech Consultant Online & Blended Learning (303) 361-7851
Oakeley, Denise FLAC and Scheduling Academic Internal Operations (303) 360-4942
O'Dell, Kelly Department Chair Behavioral Sciences (303) 340-7574
Pace, Bobby Vice President of Academic Success Office of the Vice President of Academic Success (303) 360-4940
Pacheco, Michelle Dean of Concurrent Enrollment and Interim Upward Bound Project Director Concurrent Enrollment (303) 340-7511
Paez, Monica Project Director  Title V (303) 361-7412
Parachini, Nicholas Faculty Social Sciences Department (303) 360-4920
Pedregon, Sydney Director of Student Life Student Life (303) 360-4729
Peralta, Eduardo Director of Information Technology Information Technology (303) 361-7433
Peterson, Walter Testing Specialist Testing Center (303) 361-7529
Pfaff, Michael Math Coordinator Academic Learning Center (303) 340-7546
Pfluger, Justin Campus Safety Technician- Supervisor Security (CTC) (303) 360-4727
Pickett, Rebecca Program Assistant Center for Adult Education (303) 340-7040
    Community ESL  
Post, Dawn Advisor, Ascent Concurrent Enrollment (303) 360-4716
Quintana-Lira, Erik Switchboard Operator Admissions, Registration and Records (303) 360-4700
Ray, Jason Faculty Math Department (303) 340-7556
Regan, Jennifer Faculty Science Department  
Rivera, Jorge Grounds & Nursery II Facilities (303) 361-7430
Robinson, Charles Purchasing Assistant Fiscal Affairs (303) 360-4713
Rodgers, Britney NSFS-STEM Project Coordinator LSAMP Metro Denver STEM Alliance (303) 555-5555
Rodriguez, Tania Health Pathway Advisor Pathway Advising (303) 360-4971
Rollison, Barbara STEM Core Student Support Specialist Center for Math and English  
    Math Department  
Romero, Ana Visual Content Strategist Strategic Communications and Alumni Engagement (303) 360-4745
Ross-Merritt, Nakeia Pathway Advisor Advising (303) 340-7044
Rupp, Michael Systems Administrator Information Technology (303) 361-7399
Sangiuliano, Valerie Assistant Registrar for Reporting, Registration, Student Support Admissions, Registration and Records (303) 360-4704
Sapkota, Bhakti Administrative Assistant I Financial Aid (303) 340-7521
Sapkota, Lachhi Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid (303) 360-4826
Schweissing, Daniel Faculty Communication (303) 340-7532
Sena, Felicia Student Support Specialist Admissions, Registration and Records (303) 360-4710
Sena-Chavez, Monica Administrative Assistant II Financial Aid (303) 360-4909
Shaw, John Bookstore Manager Bookstore (303) 360-4786
Skulley, Kathryn Dean Assessment, Strategy, and Performance Excellence (303) 360-4954
Smith, Cindy Program Assistant Center for CTE (303) 340-7070
Smith, Morgan Academic Program Support Specialist Academic Success in General Education (303) 360-4724
Spera, John EMT Instructor- Primary Public Service (303) 340-7216
Spiegel, David Faculty Social Sciences Department (303) 340-7562
Steadman, Brett Fire Science Technology Coordinator Public Service (303) 340-7222
Steagall, Jason Student Success Librarian Library Services (303) 340-7544
Steinbrinck, Kyle Faculty Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-5201
Steward, Brian Director, Colorado Film School Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7206
Stewart, April Administrative Assistant III Office of Disability and Equity (303) 360-4781
Stewart, Julie


Special Assistant for Workforce Development


Workforce Partnerships & Resource Development

(303) 514-6238
Stoodley, Nicole Inclusive Pedagogy Instructional Specialist Title V (303) 340-7545
Storz, Eddie Controller Fiscal Affairs (303) 360-4788
Strade, Amy HR Generalist Human Resources (303) 360-4750
Suazo, Kimberly Director of Grants & Payroll Fiscal Affairs (303) 361-7390
Sunga, Felizsa Coordinator of STEM Initiatives Academic Success in STEM  
Taylor, Samantha Academic Effectiveness Support Specialist Academic Effectiveness & Instructional Support (303) 360-4705
Tharp, Jim Assistant Director Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7322
Thiem, Richard Administrative Assistant III Academic Success in STEM (303) 340-7237
Thompson, Lauren Academic Program Support Specialist Concurrent Enrollment & ECE (303) 340-5226
Tombari, Christopher Director of Strategic Initiatives Assessment, Strategy, and Performance Excellence (303) 340-7504
Tracy, David Structural Trades I Facilities, Lowry  
Trejo, Kenya COSI CPP Coordinator Student Life (303) 360-4921
Turner, Allyson CTE Open Educational Resource Developer Library Services (303) 361-8071
Uchner, Margaret Paralegal/CRJ Program Coordinator Public Service (303) 340-7254
VanderVegt, Irving Faculty Public Service (303) 340-7219
Vargas, Brenda COSI Completion Navigator Student Life (303) 360-4951
Vargas Blanco, Edgar Faculty Communication (303) 360-4828
Vargas Rascon, Cassandra Bilingual College Recruiter Center for Recruitment and Orientation (303) 361-7368
Vaughn, Arthur Department Chair Business (303) 340-7224
Vaughn, Tanika Assistant Director Advising (303) 340-7210
Vazquez, Robert Senior IT Officer Information Technology  
Venkitanarayanan, Uma Director of CTE and PLA Academic Effectiveness and Instructional Support (303) 360-4923
Venta, Katrina Coordinator of CE Student Success Concurrent Enrollment (303) 340-7714
Villa Vazquez, Isela Administrative Assistant II Financial Aid (303) 360-4753
Vu, Daniel IT Network Administrator Information Technology (303) 361-7360
Wafa, Ahmad Accounting Technician-Collection Representative Cashier's Office (303) 360-4732
Welliver, Robley Faculty English (303) 361-7389
West, Nnena Director, TRiO Student Support Services Office of TRIO Programs (303) 340-7573
Willeford, Mike Helpdesk Support Information Technology (303) 360-4970
Williams, Brandon Faculty Social Sciences Department (303) 340-7505
Wilson, Michael Custodian II Facilities  
Winchell, Lynne Vice President of Administrative Services Office of the Vice President of Administrative Services (303) 361-7367
Wissbaum, Darin Advisor - OutReach Financial Aid (303) 360-4765
Wolf, Tom Security Director Security (Lowry) (720) 858-2733
Wolfe, Ben Library Assistant Library (303) 340-4795
Wolfkill, John Executive Director Foundation (303) 360-4833
Yang, Jun CTE Gender Disparity Research & Improvement Specialist Academic Success in CTE (303) 360-4956
Yap, Jasmine Inclusive Pedagogy Instructional Specialist Title V (303) 340-7246
Young, John Director Financial Aid (303) 360-4707
Young, Susan Dean Academic Success in STEM (303) 340-7148
    Science Department  
Zheng, Lisa Staff Accountant Fiscal Affairs (303) 360-4744
Zvejnieks, Jaclyn Director, Center for Adult Education Center for Adult Education (303) 340-7071
    Community ESL  
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