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Achziger, Susan Faculty, English English (303) 340-7550
Adams, Jonathan Student Services Specialist Lowry Student Services (303) 360-4983
Agner, Stephanie Administrative Assistant Public Service & Legal Studies (303) 340-7076
Agner, Stephanie Administrative Assistant, Instruction Academic Affairs (303) 340-7076
Agner, Stephanie Administrative Assistant-Police Academy Police Academy (303) 340-7076
Andersen, Victor Faculty Science Department (303) 340-7085
Anderson, Pony Director, Center for Simulation and Disaster Management Institute Center for Simulation (303) 340-7218
Andrews, Kevin Computer Systems Technician Information Technology (303) 361-7429
Ankney, Rachel Faculty, English English (303) 340-7598
Antony, Kyla Director of Outreach & Recruitment Center for Outreach Recruitment (303) 360-4766
Aragon, Evette Administrative Assistant Advising (303) 360-4906
Arroyo, Libna Adjunct Instructor, GED Center for Workforce Development  
Atencio, Gregory Instructor Diesel Technology (303) 340-7249
Baca, Chantal Transfer Success Program Advisor Advising (303) 360-4955
Baker, Curtis Application Developer Institutional Research (303) 360-4907
Banks, Nicole Admissions Specialist Admissions, Registration and Records  
Banks, William Security I Security (CTC) (303) 360-4727
Beck, Margaret Database and Report Developer Academic Affairs (303) 360-4928
Beeson, Christopher Administrative Assistant III Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7334
Behforooz, Bita Faculty, Psychology Behavioral Sciences (303) 340-7509
Bellis, Angela Administrative Assistant Concurrent Enrollment (303) 340-7513
Berdon, Cathy Foundation Director of Development Foundation (303) 360-4926
Bernstein, Rebecca Manager, Lowry Student Services Lowry Student Services (303) 340-7090
Blish, Robin International Advisor Advising (303) 340-7508
Bodemann, Kathy Purchasing Fiscal Affairs (303) 360-4764
Boulgakova, Galina Assistant Professor, Acting for the Screen Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7323
Brame, Javon Assistant , VP of Student Affairs Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs (303) 360-4932
Brandau, Janet Vice President of Academic Affairs Academic Affairs (303) 360-4735
Brascetta, Gina Counselor Financial Aid (303) 360-4702
Broadbent, Michael Director of Fiscal Operations Fiscal Affairs (303) 340-7517
Broadnax, Sheryl Administrative Assistant Accessibility Services (303) 360-4781
Broughton, Libby Part-time Academic Advisor Advising  
Brown, Stacy Student Outreach & Orientation Coordinator Center for Outreach Recruitment (303) 360-4905
Bunyan, Elda Custodian I Facilities  
Burkhart, JoAnn Department Chair, Computer and Digital Technologies Computer and Digital Technologies (303) 340-7007
Burnett, Bob Career Advisor Career Services (303) 360-4952
Butcher, Kevin Staff Assistant/Receptionist Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7321
Caraway, Sherita Administrative Support Specialist Student Success Center (303) 361-7437
Carter, Erika Concurrent Enrollment and Academic Program Coordinator Academic Affairs (303) 340-7714
Carter, Michael Department Chair, Police Academy Police Academy (303) 340-7211
Carter, Michael Department Chair of Public Service Languages and Humanities (303) 340-7211
Cavalli, Shawn Faculty, Business Business (303) 340-4933
Chadwick, Geoffrey Assistant Professor Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7330
Chavez, Erick Academic Advisor - TRiO Student Support Services Student Success Center (303) 360-4714
Coleman, Austin Security I Security (CTC) (303) 360-4727
Conley, Tamara Assistant to Vice President of Instruction Academic Affairs (303) 361-7380
Connelly, Sharon Program Assistant I Human Resources (303) 360-4762
Cook, Tanya Faculty, Sociology Behavioral Sciences (303) 360-4770
Costa, Brianne FLAC and Scheduling Academic Affairs (303) 340-7510
Counterman, Diana Administrative Assistant Center for Outreach Recruitment (303) 340-7522
Cox, Sharone Adjunct Instructor, GED Center for Workforce Development  
Croom, Tara Science Laboratory Coordinator Science Department (303) 340-7063
Cusack, Emilija Senior Accountant Fiscal Affairs (303) 361-7439
Cusack, Kristen Registrar and Director of Admissions Admissions, Registration and Records (303) 360-4701
Dague, Rebecca Adjunct Instructor, GED Center for Workforce Development  
Dale, Jennifer Chair of Behavioral Sciences Behavioral Sciences (303) 360-4730
D'Angelo, Stacey Theater Director/Coordinator of Performing Arts Arts and Communication (303) 340-7529
Davis, Michael Interim Director, Facilities Facilities (303) 340-7238
Del Ponte, Renie Director, Health Sciences Health Sciences (303) 340-7329
Dillon, Thomas Faculty Science Department (303) 340-7046
Dillon, Tracey Accounting Coordinator Fiscal Affairs (303) 360-4713
Doe-Smith, Jugbeh Accounting Technicican II Fiscal Affairs (303) 340-7709
Dunbar, Kevin Academic Support Specialist Academic Learning Center (303) 340-7247
Duran, Michelle Administrative Assistant Learning Resource Center (LRC)/Library (303) 360-4720
Duron, Amada Custodian I Facilities  
Edmondson, Regina Assistant Director of Student Life Student Life (303) 360-4829
Ehrhart, Svetlana Adjunct Faculty/Advisor Advising (303) 360-4717
Elam, Ryan Video Specialist College Communications (303) 360-4760
Evans, Lenna Accounting Technician II Fiscal Affairs (303) 360-4757
Farrell, Joshua Research Analyst Institutional Research (303) 361-7381
Fedasenka-Cloud, Yuliya Coordinator, Translation & Interpretation Languages and Humanities (303) 360-4755
Feres, Brandon Faculty, English English (303) 340-7563
Fielden, Traci Administrative Assistant Student Life (303) 340-7525
Fischer, Gabriel Internship Coordinator Career Services (303) 360-4904
Flynn, Andrea Administrative Assistant Grants and Planning (303) 360-4821
Francis, Barbara Faculty Science Department (303) 340-7148
FVM Adjunct Office, Adjunct Faculty Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7324
FVM Equipment Cage, Lab Technicians Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7325
Gaer, Kelly Credentials Evaluator Admissions, Registration and Records (303) 360-4710
Gantzler, Valerie Adult Healthcare Bridge Coordinator/Instructor Center for Workforce Development (303) 340-7707
Gilbert, Alice C. Faculty, Mathematics Math Department (303) 340-7580
Girard, Alex Associate Dean, School of Professional Studies Computer and Digital Technologies (303) 340-7081
Gish, Amber APS Concurrent Enrollment Specialist Concurrent Enrollment (303) 340-7512
Goff, Andrew Faculty, Early Childhood Education Early Childhood and Teacher Education (303) 340-7599
Gonzales, Jamme Facilities Facilities (303) 360-4711
Goya, Kourtney Part-time Advisor Advising  
Graham, Vicki Coordinator, Communication Arts and Communication (303) 340-7531
Graham, Mary Director of the Academic Affairs Support Academic Affairs (303) 360-4767
Gray, James Department Chair Math Department (303) 360-4743
Green, Taré Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid (303) 360-4783
Grossman, Chezera Custodian I Facilities  
Guion, Barbara Program Assistant, CFWD Main Office Center for Workforce Development (303) 340-7040
Haag, Rachel CE Academic Coach Concurrent Enrollment (303) 340-7515
Haile, Askale Custodian I Facilities  
Hajner, Mary COGNOS Report Writer Institutional Research (303) 360-4937
Hammond, Zenobia General Accountant Fiscal Affairs (303) 360-4763
Hampson, Howard Assistant Controller Fiscal Affairs (303) 360-4715
Harrell, Jennifer Faculty Science Department (303) 360-4930
Hattar, Rhonda Faculty Science Department (303) 340-7149
Haupt, Daniel Part-time Advisor Advising (303) 360-4779
Haynes, Derrick Dean of Retention and Student Success Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs (303) 360-4721
Hepworth, William Assistant Director of Institutional Research Institutional Research (303) 360-4737
Hesse, Cindy Director of Human Resources Human Resources (303) 360-4752
Hicks, William Associate Professor Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7327
Highfill, Janel Director of Strategic Partnerships and Resource Development Grants and Planning (303) 340-7064
Hirsh, Elizabeth Faculty, Anthropology Social Sciences Department (303) 360-4723
Hoefler, Deborah Assistant Director of Financial Aid Financial Aid (303) 361-7393
Holder, Shari Faculty Math Department (303) 340-7565
Howard, Keith Faculty, Computers & Digital Technology Computer and Digital Technologies (303) 340-4916
Hunt, Chris Material Handler III Facilities (303) 360-4739
Hunt, Geoff Degree Navigator and History Faculty Social Sciences Department (303) 360-4825
Hunter, Mary Anne Debt and Default Management Coordinator Financial Aid (303) 360-4944
Hurtado, Karen Records Processor Admissions, Registration and Records (303) 361-7363
Iannelli, Gina Retention Advising Specialist Health Sciences (303) 340-7073
Irvine, Debbie General Professional II Human Resources (303) 360-4823
Jackson, Robyn TRiO Student Support Services Advisor Student Success Center (303) 340-7547
Jackson, Kathy College Greeter Center for Outreach Recruitment (303) 360-4796
Jackson-Carter, Martha Department Chair and Chemistry Instructor Science Department (303) 340-7120
Jacobson, Bradley Assistant Director - Transfer Success Program Student Success Center (303) 340-7537
James, Sabrina Administrative Assistant III Fiscal Affairs (303) 360-4744
Jansen, Anna Academic Advisor Advising (303) 360-4835
Jimenez Gasser, Terry Administrative Assistant Behavioral Sciences (303) 361-7428
Jimenez Gasser, Terry Administrative Assistant English (303) 361-7428
Jiter, Sarah College Recruiter Center for Outreach Recruitment  
Johnson, Julie Academic Advisor Advising (303) 340-7521
Johnson, Christina Accounts Receivable Fiscal Affairs (303) 360-4756
Jones, Hildon Night Shift Manager Facilities (303) 340-7266
Jovic, Sasa Faculty Math Department (303) 361-7418
Juarez, Chris Faculty, Math Math Department (303) 340-7519
June, Jaclyn Graphic Design & Digital Media Specialist College Communications (303) 360-4745
Kaiser, Pervaiz Accounting Technician II Fiscal Affairs (303) 360-4759
Kang, Lauren Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid (303) 360-4765
Karras, Virginia Lead Faculty, Business Business (303) 360-4935
Karry, Christine Admissions Specialist Admissions, Registration and Records  
Keith, H. Ray AAA 109 Coordinator/Achievement Coach Academic Affairs (303) 360-4910
Knight, LaVelle Faculty, Math Math Department (303) 360-4769
Kruger, Adrienne Administrative Assistant Arts and Communication (303) 340-7335
Lahey, Frederic Director, Colorado Film School Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7322
Lassiter, Phebe Academic Advisor, School of Professional Studies Computer and Digital Technologies (303) 340-7203
Lattone, Beth Department Chair Emergency Medical Services/Fire Science Technology (303) 340-7075
Lawton, Stephanie Director of the Community ESL Program Aurora Language Center (303) 340-7086
Layman, Jonathan Testing Supervisor Testing Center (303) 340-4948
LeFevre, Lisa Controller Fiscal Affairs (303) 360-4788
Leon, Camille Office Manager Admissions, Registration and Records (303) 360-4712
Lindsay, Barbara Director of Career Services Career Services (303) 360-4914
Lindsey, Janell Director, Student Success Center Student Success Center (303) 340-7541
Lozano, Nick Accounts Payable Fiscal Affairs (303) 360-4758
Martinez, Carlos Custodian I Facilities  
Martin-Mejia, Ana Chair, Languages and Humanities Languages and Humanities (303) 340-7567
McCall, Michele Temporary Administrative Assistant Human Resources (303) 360-4733
McClelland-Fieler, Candace Faculty, English English (303) 361-7404
McCrea, Pamela Accounting Technician II Fiscal Affairs (303) 340-7709
McKie, Bobby Grounds Facilities (303) 360-4708
McKinnon, Heidi Administrative Assistant III Human Resources (303) 360-4934
McLaughlin, Katie Counselor, Mental Health Counseling Services (303) 360-4901
McMichael, Heather Department Chair Business (303) 340-7232
Mendoza, Tracy Assistant Registrar, Lowry Campus Lowry Student Services (303) 360-4980
Meyersieck, Jordan Technology, Systems & Space Integration Specialist Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7331
Miller Morrissey, Celia Administrative Assistant Math Department (303) 340-7037
Miller Morrissey, Celia Administrative Assistant Science Department (303) 340-7037
Mills, Paige Graduate Assistant Student Life (303) 340-7501
Molai, Patti Director of Academic Learning Center Academic Learning Center (303) 340-7536
Monckton, Brandy Liberal Arts Academic Advisor Academic Affairs (303) 340-7545
Montoya, David (Russ) Pipe Mechanical Trades II Facilities (303) 340-7241
Moore, Greg Academic Advisor Lowry Student Services (303) 340-7091
Morrissey, Tami Assistant to the President Office of the President (303) 360-4775
Morrissey, Tom Structural Trades Facilities (303) 340-7110
Mulkey, Elizabeth College Recruiter Center for Outreach Recruitment (303) 340-7328
Murphy, Glen Computer Systems Technician Information Technology (303) 340-7230
Newlon, Rachel Coordinator Academic Learning Center (303) 360-4784
Ngo, Quang Custodian I Facilities  
Nguyen, Chanh Custodian I Facilities  
Nguyen, Chau Custodian I Facilities  
Nguyen, Hoanh Custodian I Facilities  
Noon-Ulvila, Kate Faculty, ESL English as a Second Language (303) 340-7516
Nye, Alexander Instructional Designer/Technologist Online Learning & Instructional Technology (303) 340-7558
Oakeley, Denise FLAC and Scheduling Academic Affairs (303) 360-4942
O'Bayley, Byron Part-time Advisor Advising  
O'Connor, Sandra Administrative Assistant Security (CTC) (303) 360-4727
O'Dell, Kelly Psychology Faculty Behavioral Sciences (303) 340-7574
O'Donnell, Kate Faculty, Art Arts and Communication  
Olson, Elisabeth Accessibility Services Specialist Accessibility Services (303) 361-7395
Osorio, Carlos Computer Systems Technician Information Technology (303) 360-4992
Oudenhoven, Betsy President of the Community College of Aurora Office of the President (303) 360-4775
Pace, Bobby Department Chair, Social Sciences Social Sciences Department (303) 360-4940
Parham, Tina Administrative Assistant Fiscal Affairs (303) 361-7366
Parmenter, Mason Financial Aid Counselor, Front Desk Financial Aid (303) 360-4834
Parnar, Kantilal Custodian I Facilities  
Paulson, Janet Adult Education Coordinator Center for Workforce Development (303) 340-7047
Peasley, Malinda Administrative Assistant III Lowry Student Services (303) 340-7093
Peralta, Eduardo Integrated Communications Administrator Information Technology (303) 361-7433
Petti, Anne Director, CWFD Center for Workforce Development (303) 340-7043
Pfaff, Michael Math Lab Coordinator Academic Learning Center (303) 340-7546
Pfluger, Justin Security III - Supervisor Security (CTC) (303) 360-4727
Pickering, Michael Music Director Arts and Communication (303) 361-7425
Post, Dawn Advisor, Ascent Student Success Center (303) 360-4716
Potter, Kathleen Administrative Assistant, Information Technology Information Technology (303) 360-4991
Powell, Joanna Director, Library Services Learning Resource Center (LRC)/Library (303) 360-4740
Pritchard, Rebecca Administrative Assistant Social Sciences Department (303) 360-4731
Pritchard, Rebecca Administrative Assistant to Dean of School of Liberal Arts Academic Affairs (303) 360-4731
Reichel, Scott Department Chair, English English (303) 361-7406
Riley, David Grant Management Coordinator Grants and Planning (303) 360-4705
Risse, Duane Vice President of Administration Fiscal Affairs (303) 360-4751
Robinson, Charles Administrative Assistant Business (303) 340-7202
Robinson, Charles Administrative Assistant Computer and Digital Technologies (303) 340-7202
Russell, Veronica Assistant to the Dean and Associate Dean of Professional Studies and Sciences Academic Affairs (303) 340-7240
Ruzzano, Ethan Director of Marketing College Communications (303) 360-4734
Salazar, Beatrice Student Achievement Coach Business (303) 340-7705
Samuel, Michelle Library Services Coordinator Learning Resource Center (LRC)/Library (303) 340-7544
Sandoval-Lucero, Elena Vice President of Student Affairs Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs (303) 360-4824
Sangiuliano, Valerie Assistant Registrar Admissions, Registration and Records (303) 360-4704
Sapkota, Lachhi Administrative Assistant I Financial Aid (303) 360-4753
Sarubbi, Molly Graduate Assistant Student Life (303) 340-7501
Schuman, Rhonda Grants Fiscal Affairs (303) 361-7414
Schweissing, Daniel Faculty, English as a Second Language English as a Second Language (303) 360-4719
Scott, Jennifer Student Success Coordinator, Colorado Film School Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7333
Sells, Tania Adjunct Insturctor, GED Center for Workforce Development  
Semakula, Catrina Concurrent Enrollment Specialist Admissions, Registration and Records (303) 360-4748
Sena, Felicia Main Phone Operator Admissions, Registration and Records (303) 360-4700
Shaw, John Bookstore Manager Bookstore (303) 360-4786
Shulman, Staci Administrative Assistant III Human Resources (303) 360-4750
Simpson, Jeff Director of Security Security (CTC) (303) 360-4722
Simpson, Ashley Department Chair, Early Childhood and Teacher Education Early Childhood and Teacher Education (303) 340-7564
Smith, Cindy Program Assistant Emergency Medical Services/Fire Science Technology (303) 340-7070
Smith, Cindy Program Assistant Health Sciences (303) 340-7070
Snow, Ted Dean of School of Liberal Arts Academic Affairs (303) 360-4828
Snow, Ted Dean of Arts and Communication Arts and Communication (303) 360-4828
Sobczak, Gene Executive Director of the CCA Foundation Foundation (303) 360-4833
Spiegel, David Coordinator, Philosophy Languages and Humanities (303) 340-7562
Spiller, Sydney Graduate Assistant Center for Outreach Recruitment (303) 360-4778
Steele, Judy Assistant Director, Military & Veteran Services Military/Veterans Services (303) 340-7534
Stephenson, Mark Coordinator, Fire Science Technology Emergency Medical Services/Fire Science Technology (303) 340-7222
Steward, Brian Assistant Director, Colorado Film School Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7206
Stone, Laura Faculty, Mathematics Math Department (303) 340-7702
Stopani, Luke Media Services Administrator Information Technology (303) 990-0548
Stover, Elizabeth Testing Specialist Testing Center (303) 340-4948
Sturtevant, Kathryn Director, Student Life Student Life (303) 360-4726
Suazo, Kimberly Payroll Accountant Fiscal Affairs (303) 361-7390
Tharp, Jim Equipment Room Manager Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7337
Thomas, Samuel Director of Information Technology Information Technology (303) 360-4738
Tiedeman, Angie Coordinator, Office of Student Conduct, Intervention and Retention Office of the Dean of Students (303) 340-7524
Tombari, Christopher Department Chair English as a Second Language (303) 340-7504
Torres, Chivonne Part-time Academic Advisor Advising  
Traywick, Jayme PCT Coordinator Health Sciences (303) 340-7528
Trouth, Catherine Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness Institutional Research (303) 361-7365
Tsahakis, Sara Director, Testing Center Testing Center (303) 361-7431
Turner, Kacey Administrative Assistant English as a Second Language (303) 361-7369
Turner, Kacey Administrative Assistant, Instruction Academic Affairs (303) 361-7369
Turner, Kacey Administrative Assistant Early Childhood and Teacher Education (303) 361-7369
Turner, Kacey Administrative Assistant Math Department (303) 361-7369
Tweed, Cynarra Academic Advisor Advising (303) 360-4793
Tyler, Lonnie Administrative Assistant Languages and Humanities (303) 360-4749
Tyler, Lonnie Administrative Assistant to Vice President to Instruction Academic Affairs (303) 360-4749
Uchner, Margaret Paralegal/CRJ Program Coordinator Public Service & Legal Studies (303) 340-7254
Vahling, Eric Faculty Computer and Digital Technologies (303) 340-7560
Vaughn, Arthur Faculty, Business Business (303) 340-7224
Vialpando, Victor Dean, Colorado Film School Film/Video Media (FVM) (303) 340-7243
Vialpando, Victor Dean, Business Department Business (303) 340-7243
Vialpando, Victor Dean, Computer Science Computer and Digital Technologies (303) 340-7243
Vialpando, Victor Dean of Business, Computer Science, and Colorado Film School Academic Affairs (303) 340-7243
Vialpando, Victor Dean, Health Sciences Health Sciences (303) 340-7243
Viera, Jennifer Administrative Assistant II Financial Aid (303) 340-7248
Vigil, Darsella Part-time Advisor Advising  
Villegas, Cynthia Faculty, English English (303) 360-4931
Waite, Cheryl Advisor/Adjunct Faculty Advising (303) 361-7408
Wakefield, Scott Department Chair, Arts and Communication Arts and Communication (303) 340-7340
Ward, Tammy Associate Dean of Academic Studies, SPSS Academic Affairs (303) 340-7081
Ward, Chris Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness College Communications (303) 340-7514
Welliver, Robley Faculty, English English (303) 361-7389
Wenzivsky, Paige Adjunct Instructor, GED Center for Workforce Development  
West, Nnena Assistant Director, TRiO Student Success Center (303) 340-7573
Westendorf, Mary Assistant to the Director of Facilities Facilities (303) 360-4785
White, Tamara Dean of Students Office of the Dean of Students (303) 360-4746
Whited, Kristofer Faculty, English English (303) 340-7502
Willeford, Mike IT Customer Support Coordinator, Helpdesk IT Help Desk (303) 360-4900
Williams, Brandon Faculty, History Social Sciences Department  
Wilson, Michael Custodian I Facilities  
Wolf, Tom Security Director Security (Lowry) (720) 858-2733
Wolfe, Benjamin Library Assistant Learning Resource Center (LRC)/Library (303) 360-4736
Woods, Robert Faculty Computer and Digital Technologies (303) 360-4916
Young, John Director, Financial Aid Financial Aid (303) 360-4707
Zeeh, Steven Director of Accessibilities Services Accessibility Services (303) 340-7548
Zimmerman, Andrew Return to Title IV, Counselor Financial Aid (303) 360-4718





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