Fact Book

Fact Book

The Fact Book includes general information about CCA as well as data by academic period. While the complete Fact Book is updated annually, data by academic period is updated regularly and can be found below by clicking on Enrollment Summaries or Student Achievement Data. *Fact Book data is updated in interactive dashboards since Academic Year 2019-20. you can find them with the links for Enrollment Data and Student Achievement Data.

Navigating the Fact Book

When you open the Fact Book, click on the Bookmark Icon (furthest right button on the top menu in the PDF) to view bookmarks to each section. On the top left of every page, there is an orange button you can click which will return you to the Table of Contents (Back to TOC). You can click on any page in the Table of Contents and it will direct you to the corresponding page. If you are experiencing trouble with the bookmarks or the TOC button, try using a different browser or download the PDF.




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