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CCA Navigate is a new tool that allows you to plan, schedule and register for the courses you want to take throughout your entire program at CCA and will help you stay on track.

Watch a Video on How to Plan Classes in Navigate

Watch a Video on How to Schedule in Navigate

Watch a Video on How to Register in Navigate

Note: Navigate works best with web browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari. Users have reported issues with using Firefox.

It’s easy, here’s how it works:
Login to your MyCCA account and click the Navigate icon on either the Dashboard or Student Page.
After exploring any To Do and Reminder Items, click on the Planner link at the top of the page.

Click on the graduation cap to display the courses required to complete your chosen degree or certificate.  Drag classes from the program on the left into the semester you would like to take a course.  You can add additional terms by clicking the “Add Term” link at the top of the page.  You can plan your entire program at CCA now!  If you are unsure which classes to take, meet with your Pathways Advisor.

Quick tip:  Don’t see the class you are looking for?  Click “Return to Main” and then the magnifying glass icon to browse additional courses – make sure you check with your Pathways Advisor to ensure the class you pick works for your pathway.

About two weeks before registration opens for the semester, CCA releases the times and locations of our classes.  Return to your Planner and click the “Pick Times” button at the bottom of the term (the button will turn blue when the schedule is available).  The classes you planned will appear to the left and a calendar will appear on the right.  Click on a class and review the available sections.  When you find a course that works for you, drag it to the calendar.  By default, CentreTech Campus Classes appear first and Lowry Classes are at the end of the list.

Once you have your classes scheduled, just sit back and wait for registration to open for the term.

Class sections are organized into three groups:

  • Available sections meet your schedule preferences and still have seats available.
  • Conflicting sections are either at a campus different from your preferred campus (if you set up a preferred campus) or meet at the same time as a class already in your schedule.
  • Full sections are currently full and are not available for registration.  We recommend that you pick a different section or consider adding your name to a waitlist.

Quick tip:  Do you have work commitments?  A long commute?  Need to drop the kids off at soccer practice every Wednesday?  Block out the times you know you can’t take classes and CCA Navigate will avoid suggesting class sections that meet at those times.

Quick tip:  If you want to take classes only at a specific campus, click on the schedule preferences link below the calendar to tell CCA Navigate your preferred campus.  Classes at your preferred campus.  You can always change your preferences again later.

On the first day of registration, return to your planner and click the View/Edit Schedule button.  The classes you previously scheduled will still be there.  Quickly review the schedule to make sure it reflects your preferences and then click the “Register” button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

CCA Navigate will complete a final check for pre-requisites, time conflicts, and seats available.  You will see messages indicating whether registration was successful for each class on the screen and below the calendar.  If everything registered successfully, that’s it, you’re Done!

Access CCA Navigate through your MyCCA account now

Want to know more about EAB Navigate? Watch this short video to help you understand!

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