Welcome to CCA from Your Student Government Association!

Welcome and Welcome Back!

Dear CCA students,

As president of the Student Government Association, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the start of 2019-2020 academic year here at the Community College of Aurora. I hope your summer was restful and restorative! And to those who completed summer classes, congratulations on a successful semester — on to the next!

The goal of the CCA Student Government Association is to support and connect you to campus more fully. With that in mind, we enthusiastically invite you to join our meetings, every first and third Friday at the CentreTech campus, from 2-4 p.m., in the Rotunda in the Student Centre. Please come share with us, let us celebrate your achievements with you, bring your concerns, and let us know how we can best support you while you are here at CCA.

Throughout the semester, the Student Government Association will be hosting some really fun and awesome events. Talent shows, Career Panels, and Health and Sexual Awareness Symposium are just a few! AND! In November, we are planning to set a World Record – details to come in the weeks ahead!

Aside from opportunities to have fun and get to know one another, you will find an incredible amount of support readily available to help you succeed, not only academically, but personally. Speaking from my own experience over the last year, the diversity this campus offers is truly a life-changing quality of this college. I have learned so much from my fellow students, teachers, staff, and administrators. There is a wealth of knowledge, experience, and care here available to you — all you have to do is look. There are countless compassionate individuals here eager to listen to you, your story, and help you overcome whatever you are facing.

Whether this is your first or fifth semester here at CCA, I challenge you to be involved this semester. I challenge you to attend at least one event. I challenge you to get to know a classmate, a teacher, and a staff member that you don't know today. I challenge you to ask the tough questions in your classes and strive for a deeper understanding. And most importantly, I challenge you to reach out and ask for help to meet these challenges…even if you think you got it!

Please say Hi!! if you see me on campus. :) - Brandon Lowry

Brandon Lowry
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