DACA and Asset Student Information

Information for DACA and Asset Students

  • Undocu-Fox webpage: http://bit.ly/CCAUndocuFox
    • We have a brand new webpage specifically for students with undocumented status.  If you are an undocumented student, we encourage you to go  to the  Undocu-Fox webpage, as it has a comprehensive list of resources for you (financial, community, legal, etc.) as well as contact info for the Undocu-Serving team that would be happy to talk to you about resources, workshops and events that may be relevant to your specific needs.                                      
  • In-state financial aid and tuition
  • Scholarships available for students with undocumented status
    • The CCA Foundation has about 25 scholarships for which students with undocumented status are eligible, so we highly recommend that students with undocumented status apply for CCA Foundation scholarships!  See the link for application deadlines.


As a DACA/Asset student, am I eligible to receive federal and/or state financial aid?

You may qualify for state financial aid 

Students may qualify to apply for Colorado Application for State Financial Aid. Apply online at: https://cdhesnapprod.regenteducation.net/DACA/Asset students cannot apply for FAFSA. However, you might qualify for CCA’s in-state tuition rate and the College Opportunity Fund (COF) which provides a tuition discount for every credit hour that you register for. Please review the   ASSET and DACA page for more information. For more information, please visit https://highered.colorado.gov/students/preparing-for-college/colorado-application-for-state-financial-aid

Can I apply for private scholarships?

YesYou can visit the following links to find scholarships that you can apply for. PLEASE NOTE: You should never have to pay a fee or provide personal information (i.e. identification, credit card or checking account numbers) to apply for or receive a private scholarship. These scholarships are not awarded directly through CCA. Unfortunately, we cannot verify or control whether these lists remain updated by the parties offering the scholarships.

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