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Financial Aid Resources

Welcome CCA Students!

Congratulations on making the decision to get the advice, guidance, and motivation needed to succeed financially and achieve your dreams! Being financially literate is a necessity in today’s world. Taking the time to evaluate your spending and borrowing choices today can put you on the road to financial independence in the future. Here you will find some resources that will help you with important money management topics such as:

1. How to pay for College  
2. Personal Money Management  
3. Budgeting 
4. Spending & Financial Goals
5. Saving & Investing
6. Wise use of Credit 
7. Student Loan Repayment  

Money Smart week: Understanding the Basics of Federal Student Loans 

Watch this 20 minutes video

Check this Online resources: CashCourse


We hope that you find the following links to Financial Aid related material useful!

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Visit to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) once per school year, as early as October. To create a Federal Student Aid ID, visit You'll use this ID to log on to any Federal Student Aid Websites like, and
Visit to request Tax Return Transcripts and Wage and Income Transcripts. 
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Use the National Student Loan Data System to find information about loans. This includes amounts, balances, and lender/servicer information.

On the Social Security Administration Website,, you can find help if you have an issue with your Social Security Number or a name mis-match.

CashCourse is a free online resource that offers quizzes, worksheets, and resources to answer your money questions and give you the foundation you need to control your financial future. No Cost, No Catch, No Hidden Agenda.Sign up:

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 The Selective Service System website at, will allow you to register for selecitve service or check a completed registration. is where you will go to complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN), Entrance Loan Counseling (ENT) as wells as Exit Counseling. You will also be able to find out a lot of valuable information about student loans.

Visit to complete your Colorado Application for State Financial Aid (CASFA) once per school year, as early as October, if you are a student who does not have lawful immigration status. Students who are eligible for Federal Title IV aid by completing the FAFSA should not complete the CASFA.

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