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Information and Policies About Refunds


A financial obligation to the college occurs when you register for classes. Refunds are granted when classes are officially dropped from your record by the refund date. In some cases, CCA may drop you for non-payment of tuition and fees or if you are reported as a “no-show” in your course(s) but it is your responsibility to drop courses on your record that you do not intend to take. 

Special Note for Open Entry Courses - a content based assignment must be completed prior to your course add/drop deadline date in order to not be considered a “no show” for Open Entry courses.

To officially drop a course, access the Add/Drop link on the Student tab of MyCCA or visit the Admissions & Records Office.  After dropping a course, always verify your schedule to ensure that the appropriate classes have been removed from your record.  Simply notifying your instructors or CCA staff member of your intent to drop WILL NOT result in a refund and does not release you from financial responsibility. If you drop classes before 15% of the class as determined by the college has expired you will receive a 100% tuition refund. No refunds are granted after the first 15% of the class.

If you withdraw from classes after the refund date and have an unpaid balance, you are responsible for full payment. CCA forwards unpaid accounts to State Collections. The State of Colorado withholds balances due from Colorado tax refunds. Financial aid recipients who officially or unofficially withdraw from the College may owe a repayment of financial aid funds received. Visit the Financial Aid Office for more information. Upon withdrawal from a class, your grade for that class will be recorded as a W and will appear on your academic transcript. A W grade does not calculate in your GPA.


Disbursement of financial aid funds occurs when the Office of Financial Aid releases your financial aid award for the semester to the cashiers office to pay for your college expenses. The Cashiers Office then applies your financial aid funds to your semester tuition, fees charges, and any other outstanding balance you have with the college. Once this happens, if there are any funds left from your financial aid award, the balance will be applied to your BankMobile Refund Card, see below. You can expect to wait one to two weeks between disbursement and refunds. See “Where’s my Refund?” at


If you are enrolled in late-start classes, the disbursement of your funds will not be issued until approximately one week after the first date of attendance for those courses.


The Refund Card is used to establish one of the three options for receiving any excess funds owed to you via electronic transfer. The three options you have are:

  1. Easy Refund to the VibeAccount connected to CCCS Refund Card Debit MasterCard.
  2. Direct Deposit (ACH Transfer) to your existing bank account.
  3. Receive a paper check within five to seven days.

The following example shows the typical steps for processing refunds:                 

  1. Your funds are applied to your account on Monday.
  2. All accounts are reviewed before the refunds are uploaded to the system office on that Wednesday.
  3. Refunds are transferred to BankMobile on Friday, no earlier than 12 noon.
  • BankMobile Cards not activated – reissue fee $10
  • Cards that are activated – reissue fee $20
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