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Scholarships & Grants

Welcome to CCA’s Scholarship and Grants homepage. Here you will find valuable information on how to apply for grants and scholarships to help you pay for college. To learn more click the links below.

CCA Foundation Scholarships

Foundation Scholarship Information Web Page

Foundation Scholarship Online Application - Closed at this time, please check back later for more opportunities.

CCA Institutional Scholarships and Grants

CCA Scholarship Information Center

DACA & Asset Students


If you receive a private scholarship from an external source or are using a third party to pay your tuition, please review policies here.


We have heard that our CCA students may be receiving letters or email messages offering help to find grants and scholarships for college. Some of these offers require students to pay a fee. PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS OF THESE OFFERS as student SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO PAY TO APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID OF ANY TYPE. Legitimate financial aid applications do not charge a fee (for example, the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA).

These letters/messages may look very official and may even have a logo that resembles federal government logos; or they may have official sounding names like “Student Financial Resource Center”. However, they typically have no association with the government or any college, and cannot guarantee that you will receive any type of financial aid. If you are suspicious of any financial aid correspondence that you receive, please contact the CCA Financial Aid Office for help.





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