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Tuition Information

Tuition & Fees  

Tuition and fees are posted on the website, in the Enrollment and Cashier Offices, and in the semester schedules. Students should take note that some fees are NON REFUNDABLE. Tuition & fee payments are due even if the student does not receive a bill in the mail.  Billing is also done electronically and outstanding balances will be delivered via student email and can be viewed on MyCCA.

Tuition Tables and Fee Information

Tuition Refunds A financial obligation to the College occurs when you register for classes. REFUNDS are granted only when classes are officially dropped online through your account by the official drop date listed for each class (see Enrollment Services for details).

Failure to attend class or notifying Instructors of intent to drop does not release you from financial responsibility. Students who drop classes before 15% of the class has expired will receive a 100% tuition refund. No refunds are granted after the first 15% of the class (Drop Date). If you withdraw from classes after the Drop Date and have an unpaid balance, you are responsible for full payment. CCA forwards unpaid accounts to State Collections. The State of Colorado withholds balances due from Colorado tax refunds and may result in additional collection agency fees, attorney's fees, or other incurred costs.

Financial aid recipients who officially or unofficially withdraw from the College may owe a repayment of Title IV funds received. Lack of receipt of a bill does not relieve you of your financial obligation to the College. A student who is financially obligated to the college in any way will be denied a transcript and will not be allowed to register for subsequent sessions until satisfactory payment arrangements are made with the College. Contact the Fiscal Affairs Department for more information.

Residency status

In-state tuition is based on the information you provide on your application. To be eligible for in-state tuition applicants (or the parents of applicants under 23) must be able to show domicile in Colorado for at least 12 months prior to starting classes. Details are available on the website or through the Enrollment Office or Lowry One Stop.

Your Residency status must be finalized BEFORE you attend your first course. Failure to provide appropriate documentation before classes begin will result in Non-Resident tuition classification.

Active duty military personnel and their dependents

Active duty military personnel and their dependents are eligible for in-state tuition by providing certification from the military base Education Office each semester.

College Opportunity Fund Colorado residents must apply for COF to get the subsidy or stipend paid by the state which keeps tuition affordable. Students only have to apply once to receive this benefit; if you do not sign up for COF, you will pay a higher in-state tuition rate.

Online Payment

You may pay online through your MyCCA account.

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