Proctoring Services For Non-CCA Students

Watch the video above to learn more about our proctoring services. 


Here's what you need to get started!

 Follow steps 1-6 for successful completion of your exam(s) at the CCA Testing Center. 

Step 1: Complete the CCA Proctoring Request Form

We need to know a little more information about your test. 

CCA Proctor Request Form

After submitting the form, we will send you an email within 1-2 business days with additional information. 

Step 2: Contact your College or Institution

Ask your school what you need to do for them. 

Your college/institution will likely require you to submit an application for proctoring to them. Please use the information below, regarding our contact information. We can also submit proctor information on your behalf if required by the college/institution.

Please ensure you leave enough time for us to send a form to your institution. Allow 48 hours for an email form to be sent and a full week if it needs to be sent by mail to your institution. 

Testing Center

Community College of Aurora

16000 E. CentreTech Parkway, Room A205

Aurora, CO 80011

Phone: 303-360-4948



Step 3: Schedule Appointment and Pay Testing Fee

We charge a $25 proctoring fee per test. 

Step 4: Prior to the Test Date

You are ultimately responsible for ensuring that CCA receives all of the testing materials, and that you are scheduled within the time frame your school requires. 

If your school has approved CCA as your test site, your test materials and instructions will be sent to our Testing Center. Contact our testing center via email at, at least 48-hours prior to your appointment, to verify we have received your testing materials and information.

Step 5: Day of the Test

Bring your valid, photo ID (we do not accept digital forms of ID), allowed test materials, and possible log-in information. 

CentreTech Campus

CentreTech Campus 

16000 E CentreTech Parkway, Suite A205 

Aurora, CO 80011

On the day of the test, please be sure to have all of the following:
  • A valid photo ID (driver's license preferred, passport, or other government IDs are accepted) 
  • Any testing materials allowed by your school (notes, books, calculator, etc.)
  • Log-in information; if your test is computer based
  • $25 testing fee 
We will provide all other materials, such as:
  • Scratch paper
  • Pens and/or pencils
  • Calculators  

Step 6: After the Test 

Check with your school to ensure the test was received.

After you have completed your test, contact your school to confirm that your completed test was received. Please allow 48-hours for an emailed exam and 1-week for a mailed paper exam.

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