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Testing Center Rules and Conditions

Rules and Conditions

If I’m here to take the College Placement Test (CCPT or ESL/LOEP), I understand that it is administered to obtain information to place me in the appropriate course or determine the need for developmental work. Each section takes approximately between one half hour and two hours to complete, however the test is not timed.

I agree to place ALL of my belongings in a locker during my test session, including jackets, hats, scarves, sunglasses (unless required by religion or medical condition).

I agree not to bring any electronic devices (cell phones, etc.) in the testing room, and that I will silence or power off all of these devices before starting the test. Please notify your contacts that you will not be available during testing time. We also cannot have unsupervised children in the Testing Center.  Please make care arrangements accordingly.

I understand that I cannot have any food in the testing room. I may bring a drink in the room, but it must be left on the testing supply table.

Calculators are not permitted in the testing room unless specified by the proctor. The CCPT has a calculator that appears on the computer.

I agree to use only the testing software designated by the proctor and no other computer applications, including, but not limited to Microsoft Office, and the internet.

I agree not to communicate with other examinees or other individuals other than the test administrators during the test.

I understand that I cannot take any assessment materials including scratch paper or notes out of the Testing Center, and that I will hand scratch paper to the proctor at the end of testing.

I understand that as a CCA student taking the CCPT, I can take this test only once per calendar year and that the test costs $10.  NOTE: Please see separate CLEP/DSST rules.

I understand that all test questions and other test materials are the property of the testing companies and/or their contractors and have been developed at great cost. I further understand that the materials must be kept confidential and secure from disclosure. These materials are not available to me outside of the test administration, either before or after the test administration.

You must wait a full calendar year before you can retest on any section of the CCPT.

You have to wait THREE (3) DAYS (72 hours) before you can re-test on ANY SECTION of the ESL/LOEP and/or you can attend the ESL/LOEP WORKSHOP before you re-test.


Restricted Items

  • Hats, scarves, sunglasses (unless required by religion or medical condition)
  • Calculators
  • Phones/Mp3 players and any other electronic device
  • Food/drinks (only water bottles are accepted provided they can be closed tighly and are not put next to the computer/keyboard)
  • Pencil and eyeglass cases
  • Eletronic Watches


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