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Transfer Credit Evaluation Request

If you intend to earn a certificate or degree from CCA and have had previous college-level learning experience (through standardized testing, or other colleges), please do the following: 1. Complete a CCA application for admission. 2. Complete the below Transfer Credit Evaluation Request form. 3. Order official transcripts or score reports from all of your previous institutions, and have them sent directly to CCA’s Credential Evaluator, not to you. 4. Declare a degree or certificate program for your transcript to be evaluated. Your transcript will be evaluated against your declared degree or certificate program and only credits that apply to your program will be applied to your record. Please note: Within 30 days of completion of all of the above steps, you will be notified via your CCA student email account when the evaluation is complete. You must notify CCA in writing within 30 days of your transcript evaluation of any courses you wish to appeal to add or remove from your record. Once your appeal period has passed, your transfer credits will not be changed unless you change your declared degree or certificate program. CCA will not remove transfer credits used in the awarding of a degree or certificate under any circumstances. Documents become the property of the college and will not be released to the student or transferred to other institutions. All Official Transcripts and Score reports should be sent to: Community College of Aurora Attn: Credentials Evaluator 16000 E CentreTech Pkwy Aurora, CO 80011

Your transcript will be evaluated against your declared program of study. Please indicate your programs(s):

By entering your name in the electronic signature box, you are electronically signing this document and certifying that you are the person indicated. You must enter your real name. If you purposefully enter false or misleading information, you may be denied admission, continued enrollment, re-enrollment or graduation per SBCCOE Board Policy 4-10.





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