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Manufacturing Careers

Title Median Salary Projected Job Openings Bachelor's Required?
Aerospace Engineering & Operations Technicians $63,640 Colorado: 10
National: 320
No Learn More
Aerospace Engineers N/A Colorado: 110
National: 2070
Yes Learn More
Agricultural Engineers $84,040 Colorado: 0
National: 70
No Learn More
Agricultural Technicians $60,210 Colorado: 0
National: 1240
Yes Learn More
Aircraft Mechanics & Service Technicians $47,620 Colorado: 80
National: 3010
No Learn More
Architectural & Engineering Managers $84,040 Colorado: 160
National: 5950
Yes Learn More
Automotive Engineering Technicians N/A Colorado: 20
National: 1280
No Learn More
Automotive Engineers $108,590 Colorado: 290
National: 10250
No Learn More
Avionics Technicians $63,640 Colorado: 10
National: 310
No Learn More
Biochemical Engineers $95,060 Colorado: 50
National: 3300
Yes Learn More



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