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IE Council Intent to Participate Form

Thank you for your interest in joining, or continuing your involvement with the Inclusive Excellence (IE) Council. Please complete the form below which will be shared with the IE Leadership Team. If you have any questions, please contact Quill Phillips at 303-360-4822 or quill.phillips@ccaurora.edu.

Please rate your comfort with the following statements using the scale of

1 Not Comfortable; 2 Somewhat Comfortable; 3 Comfortable; 4 Very Comfortable

Committee Membership

Below you will find descriptions for each commmittee within the IE Council and ranking options for the top three (3) committees you would like to join. For your rankings, use the follwing: 0 being Not Interested; 3 Being Most Interested.

Communication Committee

•    Work with College Communications for social media efforts
•    Create content for and regularly update website
•    Create and distribute print materials
•    Create a “look” for the Council (i.e. graphics/ visuals consistent across channels with an established set of colors)

Programming Committee

•    Create, plan, and implement campus-wide events and programs for students, faculty, and staff
•    Support received from the Office of Student Life

Assessment Committee

•    Continue the work of the climate survey
•    Organize process for focus groups
•    Conduct needs assessment to inform the Council on strategic planning efforts on an as needs basis

Human Resources Committee
•    Research and recommend IE recruitment best practices
•    IE audit of current policies and procedures
•    Research and recommend best practices aimed at retaining Employees of Color

Due to the significance of the work the IE Council facilitates on an institutional level, we ask that you commit to the following as a Council member.

1.    Commit to one academic year
2.    Attend monthly meetings (2 hours in length)
3.    Spend ~2-3 hours per month outside of Council meetings on committee work
4.    Be willing to acknowledge and examine your social identities and how your experiences impact the work you do

Please type your initials below demonstrating your acknowledgement to the above expectations of being an IE Council member.

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