Strategic Planning

Letter from the President

Dear Community College of Aurora community:

Our Strategic Planning Committee has been working hard since July to develop a new strategic plan for the 2019-2023 period. Our current plan has guided us well through the past five years and it is now time to revisit the plan and be sure that it reflects our current priorities, supports our equity and student success initiatives, and gives voice to our diverse students and workforce.

Strategic planning can help us to focus on what is essential. It can help us to build on our strengths as well as to identify and address challenges. It can help us to clarify our aspirations, turn good intentions into action, set measurable goals, and assess outcomes. In order to achieve this, we would like to have as many voices as possible inform this plan from every part of the college and community.

Please keep an eye on this site as well as emails, social media, newsletters and other communications for ways to be involved in this conversation. We will need your input as we plan for the future. Let’s continue to make CCA a place where we give every student the opportunity to succeed.


Dr. Betsy Oudenhoven
President of the Community College of Aurora

We need you!

Do you have feedback? Please let us know! Contact an individual on our team or email the Strategic Planning team.

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