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A solider saluting the U.S. flag

Did you know that the Community College of Aurora provides military and veterans services for new and current students?

For nine years, Judy Steele has worked in Military and Veteran Services at CCA and has helped thousands of current-serving military and veterans with finding resources, enrolling in CCA, and using military tuition assistance and VA education benefits.

Many veterans go through the military transition assistance program as they leave the military but may not recall what they were told, Steele said.

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CCA Fall Theatre Production Metamorphoses

The Community College of Aurora students performing in the Theatre Department’s fall production are hoping to make a big splash – literally – when they perform Mary Zimmerman’s “Metamorphoses.”

The play – which opens on November 7 – is centered around a giant pool built in the Larry D. Carter Theater; during the performance, the CCA actors will perform various scenes where they will go in and out of the water, with some actors asked to lay in the water or get tossed into the pool.

Students walking across the CCA campus

El Community College de Aurora (CCA) tendrá su evento Camino al Colegio el miércoles 6 de noviembre donde se enfocarán en ayudar y apoyar a padres y estudiantes en su trayectoria universitaria.

Este evento será completamente en español y se enfocara en dar información sobre CCA, los títulos y certificados, ayuda financiera, y los servicios disponibles para estudiantes que se edifican como DACA o DREAMer. ¡A esos estudiantes que asistan tendrán la oportunidad de obtener una beca de $500!

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Arabella Orozco at her CCA graduation

Arabella Orozco grew up speaking Spanish. It was the only language she knew when she immigrated to Denver, Colorado from Havana, Cuba with her family in the early 80s. Only knowing Spanish made school difficult.

When I was seven years old, I sat in the back of the classroom all by myself because I didn’t speak English. My aunt created notecards with translations from Spanish to English, so I could communicate with my teachers and classmates but it didn’t really help," Orozco said.

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Academic Support

A desk containing materials at a CCA Transfer Fair

If you are looking to transfer to a four-year school to complete your degree, many factors come into play when choosing where to continue your education. Picking one school to meet all your needs can be a messy process! Fortunately, CCA has many resources to help you understand your priorities, research and reach your goals, including two Transfer Fairs held this fall. The first CCA Transfer Fair is on October 14 on the CentreTech campus in the Student Centre Building in the Rotunda. The second CCA Transfer Fair is on October 15 on the Lowry campus in the West Quad Building in the Todd Bergren Room. 

Not sure what a transfer fair can do for you? Check out these five tips to discover how CCA's Transfer Fairs can help you forge a path that fits your unique interests and values.



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