10 Weeks of Summer School, 10 Reasons to Go

Before you book that summer vacation, stop for a second. Now, think seriously about summer school at CCA. On April 1, you can sign up for summer classes at CCA. The summer class schedule is online now so you can find out what classes are being offered. Now that we've got you thinking about summer school, here are some reasons why summer classes might be a good idea:


  1. Focus on just one or two classes. Think about how much easier it will be to only have to do homework or study for a handful of nights per week compared with the rest of the year!
  2. Get done in two years. Here's how it works: You take 12 units in the fall; 12 units in the spring; and six units in the summer. Repeat for a second year. You're done – and off to a four-year college!
  3. Smaller class size. During the summer you can ask your professor all the questions that you really want to ask.
  4. Parking will be much easier. Won't it be nice to park closer to your classroom?
  5. Warm weather. Wouldn't you rather take classes when it's sunny and warm than to fight the cold weather to get to class? You can wear flip-flops and shorts to class, too!
  6. You can still relax. Summer classes end on Aug. 10 but fall classes don't start until Aug. 26. That gives you two full weeks to vacation, relax, or do whatever you like.
  7. Save some money. Because the state budget is set during the summer, you may be able to save some bucks in case tuition costs rise in the fall. Also did you know that there are Summer Scholarships available? Check out some of the Summer scholarships available.
  8. It's better than staying at home. It's unlikely you are going to be on vacation for all of your summer, and if you aren't at work, you are probably at home. Wouldn't you rather be learning something, instead of just sitting on the couch and binge watching Netflix?
  9. Take the classes you really want. Summer is a great time to retake a class where you wanted a better grade or to find a class that you want to take for fun. 
  10. The President of CCA recommends it.

Be sure to check out the summer schedule and we look forward to seeing you on campus in late May!



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