“Here's Why I Chose CCA's Entrepreneurship Program to Help Me Start My Own Business”

Blog Banner - Here's Why I Chose CCA's Entrepreneurship Program to Help Me Start My Own Business They say that luck is when preparation meets opportunity — but sometimes luck is just luck. For me, I lucked out when I was looking for an interesting elective to take at the Community College of Aurora and stumbled upon an Intro to Entrepreneurship class. I thought, “Ahhh, now that sounds really interesting.” To be honest, I didn't go into the class with a business idea. I did, however, go into it with years of feeling discontented with my day job and knowing that I could do more with my life. Perhaps you can relate.  

 So that's where I got lucky — lucky that an entrepreneurship program is offered at CCA and lucky that I clicked “enroll.” You're likely reading this blog because you either have a great business idea already or are like me and thinking, “Maybe this will help me figure it all out!” Either way, this program is completely worth it and has changed my life.

From the first introduction on our class portal, I knew I was in good hands and would, at the very least, enjoy the class. The instructor has such a passion for and extensive knowledge about what he teaches. The enthusiasm was palpable! My business idea came to me the night we had to start pitching ideas to our classmates. It was a life-changing “aha” moment. Had I not been enrolled in this program, I likely would've let the idea go as soon as it came. However, as instructed, I talked to people about it (lots of people!) and my idea began to take shape as something that people wanted and needed. I was hooked and signed up for the next class, then the one after that.

My instructor and I put my idea through the rigorous process designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs like me discover if their idea could be turned into a viable business. I'm happy to say that I did have a realistic idea, and I'll be launching my business in the spring of 2018!

Now, some people might argue that Google and YouTube have everything they need to know to start a business. Here's what I would say: Sure, the Internet has lots of great information, but it's not going to give you step-by-step guidance. It's also not going to collaborate with you, encourage you, support you, or personally connect you to amazing resources and a group of knowledgeable business owners around your community. This program does all of those things. It guides you, step by step, from initial concept to business launch. If you decide to launch your business while in this program, not only will you be confident in your decision, but you'll have a roadmap for success. Even if I had decided to not start a business, I would still be enormously grateful for all I have learned in this class.

Thinking like an entrepreneur is a benefit to any employer, and I have brought much of what I'm learning to my current job. I have truly enjoyed every step of the way and am so grateful to have started this journey. If this is the first time you're hearing about the program, or if you have already been considering it but are on the fence, all I can say is DO IT! You will not regret it.    



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