Instructor Susan Stabinfil speaks to high school students as part of the CCA summer bridge program.Attending CCA for eight weeks has opened the eyes of Alejandro Faiffer about what college truly can be. Alejandro, who will be a senior at Vista Peak Preparatory High School this fall, is taking an English course at CCA as part of a summer bridge program offered to students attending Aurora Public Schools. Before taking the English class, Alejandro had a preconceived notion that college was just boring lectures. But the CCA experience has been anything but, he said. His instructor, Susan Stafinbil, has been more helpful in the class than he anticipated, encouraging conversation and ideas. “She was always really open to questions; a teacher who was like a friend,” he said. And that respect is important, he said. “Here, they treat you like you're an adult, Alejandro said. “Here they really help you out.” This is the first year CCA has hosted summer bridge classes – students who completed their junior year at Aurora Public Schools were eligible to attend.

Registration Nation text above a circus tentBetween serving tables at night after class, babysitting my kid brother, making sure all the bills get paid on time, and spending time with family while trying to keep some sanity, I stay busy as a full-time human… ahem, graduate student. Throw in the financial stress of college and my heart nearly explodes. And I'm not alone. But CCA's Registration Nation, happening on May 4 at the CentreTech campus, is offering some free food, fun, and some financial help to a lucky few at CCA who register for fall or summer semester and attend the event. Two students who attend Registration Nation will win a financial award for a three-credit hour class – essentially a free class! Who couldn't use a free class? A survey conducted in the summer of 2015 tells us that “financial problems lead some students to make difficult choices.”

Hands holding banners - Spirit Week We all want to be in a community that gets us. We have a need to feel accepted. We want to be in a place that celebrates our diversity and includes it in all activities. This is how Student Government Association feels about CCA. We have a richly diverse community here that should be celebrated. CCA is a place that is more than just a college of students, faculty, and administrators - it is our community. It is something to celebrate and have pride in. To show this, SGA is hosting a weeklong celebration called CCA Spirit Week. CCA Spirit Week begins Monday, March 14 and runs through Thursday, March 17. It will be a fun week full of activities and themes for each day.

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Well-read girl with many books and suitcase outdoorsAs we enter the dog days of summer, it's time to get your mind in gear for the new school year. CCA's fall semester starts on August 24, 2015, and for new and returning students alike, there are several ways to get prepared.

Where to go You may be planning a trip to campus to speak with an admissions specialist, advisor or financial aid specialist; but did you know that all of these services are available on our Lowry campus? The next few weeks are going to be extremely busy at CentreTech, often with long lines and wait times, but you can avoid this by going to the Lowry West Quad for all your needs!

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