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Recruitment & Orientation Contact

Welcome to Recruitment & Orientation. We are located on the first floor of the Administration Building on CCA's CentreTech Campus. You can reach us by using the phone numbers and email links below:

Sarah Jiter, Director of Recruitment and Orientation

Sarah.Jiter@CCAurora.edu 303-340-7538

Jennifer Schansberg, Assistant Director of Recruitment and Orientation

Jennifer.Schansberg@CCAurora.edu 303-360-4766

Brett Baker, Welcome Center Coordinator-Centretech

Brett.Baker@CCAurora.edu 303-360-4918

Mikki Miskoviak, Welcome Center Coordinator- Lowry

Mikki.Miskoviak@CCAurora.edu 303-340-7205 

Patrice Lewis, College Recruiter

Patrice.Lewis@CCAurora.edu 303-360-4778

Katrina Venta, College Recruiter

Katrina.Venta@CCAurora.edu 303-360-4776

Elvira Itzayana Santiago, Bilingual College Recruiter

ElviraItzayana.Santiago@CCAurora.edu 303-361-7368

Naomi Medina, College Recruiter

Naomi.Medina@CCAurora.edu 303-360-4905

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