Prior Learning Assessment Industry Certifications and Licenses

If you hold current industry certifications or licenses, you may be able to get equivalent course credit. Some certifications and professional licenses – such as OSHA 10, Google IT Professional certificate, CompTIA certifications, certified nurse aid, to name a few – have already been recognized by CCA and aligned with specific courses to award PLA credit. Check the CCA PLA Credit Crosswalk for a list of predetermined PLA options for industry certifications and licenses, and the associated courses. 

If your industry certification, professional licensure, or apprenticeship program is not included on the CCA PLA Credit Crosswalk, please contact the department chair for the course for which you are requesting PLA credit. The department chair will determine if the certification, licensure, apprenticeship program, or workplace skills are eligible for immediate PLA credit recognition or if an exam or portfolio review process is required.  

Typically, there is no charge for credits awarded for current industry certifications and licenses. For additional information and to initiate this PLA option, contact the department chair for the course for which you are requesting credit. The department chair will guide you through the process.  

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