Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio Review

A portfolio is a collection of evidence that demonstrates your mastery of the competencies for the course for which you are applying to earn credit.  Examples of evidence or ways you may be asked to verify the knowledge and skills highlighted in your portfolio may include:

Training records: If you have completed training through non-traditional methods or the work-place, you may provide documentation for this training.  Documentation may include a lesson plan or the training content/competencies provided, dates of attendance, and/or other evidence of learning.  You may also be required to include evidence of successful achievement of knowledge or skills, such as proficiency exam scores or internal certification documents. 

Work products: You may consider including work products – such as: design samples, a comprehensive report or manual, a website or computer program - to support your request.

Competency demonstration: For some course competencies, you may be asked by the department evaluator to demonstrate your skills. The evaluator reviewing your portfolio will determine which skills must be demonstrated and will inform you of the acceptable locations and methods – such as, via video, on-site, or through a third-party evaluator.

Oral interview: The Content Expert/Evaluator may contact you for a verbal discussion of your portfolio as a supplement to the written information provided.  

Portfolio reviews are charged a fee per course credit.  Check the CCA PLA Credit Crosswalk for current costs.

To initiate the portfolio review process, contact the department chair for the course for which you wish to develop a portfolio. The department chair will guide you through the process.  

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