Entrepreneurial Launch Certificate

The ENP Launch Certificate has been designed to help students gain the knowledge and skills they need to actually launch a new venture.  The curricular program can be completed in as few as two semesters meaning that students will research, plan, launch, and begin to grow their business well within one academic year.  Upon completion of the curriculum, ENP Launch students will enter the CCA Launchpad in order to continue their business’ growth for six months to one year in a protected and supportive environment.  After the incubator period, businesses should be strong enough to emerge from the on-campus environment and enter the community to continue growth.  CCA’s Business Department has initiated partnerships with community organizations to support students with business funding and seed capital, business coaching and guidance, and transitional support to aid students as their ventures emerge from the Launchpad.

ENP Launch Certificate Requirements: 16 credits

ENP 1005  Introduction to Entrepreneurship      3
ENP 1006   Entrepreneurship Feasibility Study   3
ENP 2009  Entrepreneurship Business Plan  3
MAN 2088  Practicum (Community Business Consulting Class)      3
SBM 2085  Independent Study (CCA Launchpad – Business Incubator)  4

Dan Clarke, Lead Faculty for Entrepreneurship, Phone: (303) 340-7204, dan.clarke@ccaurora.edu Lowry West Quad Building 105A

Program Level Outcomes (PLOs) 

Statements which articulate, in measurable terms, what students should know and be able to demonstrate as a result of and at the conclusion of a program. PLOs communicate program goals explicitly and foster transfer of responsibility for learning from faculty to students.

A student who obtains an Entrepreneurial Launch Certificate from the Community College of Aurora will demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Conduct a business feasibility study.
  • Know how to calculate startup costs and breakeven analysis.
  • Be able to conduct market research and competitive analysis.
  • Determine sources of funding.
  • Understand sales forecasting, budgeting, and financial statements.
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