Military Spouse and Dependent Information

Tuition Classification

As the dependent spouse or child of an active duty military member who is stationed in Colorado you qualify for in-state tuition rates at CCA. Each semester you must complete a Military Certification for Tuition Classification to the Admissions, Registration, & and Records office. To further reduce your tuition costs you can apply for the College Opportunity Fund (COF), which is a Colorado state stipend applied to the cost of your tuition. You can download the paper application from the COF website.

Dependents of separated servicemembers who reside in Colorado may also qualify for in-state tuition rates.

Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA)

MyCAA is a fund providing up to $4,000 in tuition assistance to military spouses. The aim of the program is to help spouses find employment in portal career fields so they can find employment no matter where their spouse is stationed. For more information, visit MyCAA.

See the Military Tuition Assistance page for more information.


Military OneSource is a one-stop for servicemembers and their families, with a wealth of information on topics such as education, career, military life, counseling, benefits, taxes, crises, community, and many more. is another terrific resource for servicemembers and their spouses, with section devoted to helping spouses with every day concerns, education, and career resources.

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment offers Priority of Service to veterans, servicemembers, and eligible spouses for employment assistance. Their website also provides links to other resources in the community.

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