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Career Exploration Resources

Unsure what your next steps are or what you want to do in your career?

Chart of self-assessment- how do I fit with my career? Please list your values, skills, experiences, interests, and important personality traitsWe encourage you to come in to Career Services to explore your options! However, if you are in a time crunch and want to get started, fill out this chart about your values, interests, personality, and skills/experiences you already have to get started before coming in to the office to talk about it! We HIGHLY recommend that after completing any of these assessments (or even before), that you schedule an appointment with us to talk through the process and results to make sense of them! No single assessment will tell you exactly what to do and no combination of assessments without proper conversations around them will lay out your career path for you. Let us assist with the details and planning as you gain information to make sense of it all!

PathwayU: This resource consists of a 25-30minute assessment to identify your values, personality traits, interests, and things that bring you meaning. You can re-take or log-in to your profile at any time and the assessment is FREE for CCA students. Once you have your results, please schedule an appointment with Career Services to review and process your results and what they could mean for you in your career plan!


Make sure your results are representative of all of you!


Additional Resources tips:

  • Take the YouScience Aptitude assessment to gain insight to what your natural talents are by playing a series of brain games
  • Take the Onet Interest Profiler to view which main interest categories you most align with
  • Take the Personalities assessment to understand how your preferences impact how you navigate and interact with the world
  • Identify the skills and experiences you already have and compile these into a list to help you as you set goals that fit your abilities
  • Identify your core 3-5 values along with other important factors for you as you design what your ideal career looks like
  • Keep track of all of your results using this


Online Resources to get started filling out your Career Planning Guide!


YouScience logo

YouScience is an online tool to help you assess your aptitudes (natural abilities). This allows you to get a feel for what types of careers you would be GOOD at through a series of Brain Games to gain a sense of clarity on how you operate best! Watch this short video to gain more information, interested in taking the assessment? Let us know so we can give you your personal access code!

                              Career Values Card Sort Activity

Everyone has values that are important to their career happiness, your values are the key to understanding what basic components or qualities will make you happiest in a work environment. This card sort helps you identify and narrow down the things most important to you!

16 Personalities logo

16 Personalities is a free MBTI Personality assessment to help you understand how your personality impacts how you interact within life! This includes how you make decisions, where you gain your energy, how you organize, and how you process information!



Onet Logo

   Onet Interest Profiler

The ONet interest profiler is a 60 question assessment to help you simplify all the things that are interesting to you and provides ideas for careers that may be interesting to you!


This list is meant to jump-start your ideas for how what you've already accomplished at home, work, activities, and in class!

Additional Resources to help you gain information about your Career Options:

Virtual Job Shadow is a resource managed by the Colorado Department of Labor to help you with your exploration efforts through a series of resources including short industry videos for you to see the ins and outs of day-to-day job activity in hundreds of job titles! Let us know if you would like to use this resource so we can activate an account for you!!

The OOH helps you gain more knowledge about job specifics from job duties, how in-demand the job is, educational options to break into the field, and rough salary estimates. This site also provides industry-specific information such as professional organizations for that career to help you begin meeting people who are already in the field!

Chart of exploration to help you visualize your dynamic career options

4 S's for Self Clarity Activity:

  1. Self: How do I want to describe my ideal self?
  2. Skills: What skills do I want to develop and demonstrate?
  3. Social: How do I want to present myself socially?
  4. Service: What service do I want to provide others?

Now ask yourself- "Why?" What is so important to me about each of these answers? Why? What skills do I already have? What skills do I enjoy using? Why? Why is this how I want to present myself? Why is this service important to engage in?


Then come talk with us about your ideas and thoughts on this activity to put the pieces all together.




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Online Resources for Job Search, Upcoming Events, Job Outlook and Career Research can be found on CCA's Career Corner.

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