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Resume writing can sometimes seem a little overwhelming, especially for anyone who is just putting together his or her first one. There are some good things to keep in mind while figuring exactly how to write a resume. FIRST, writing a resume is easier than most students think, and SECOND, plan to spend a significant amount of thought and time writing your resume. Revising your resume for each job will get you noticed. After all, you want your resume to demonstrate your best qualifications to your future employer.

A resume is typically a ONE page word document that should highlight your skills and achievements associated to the position and/or company you will be sending it to. It should NOT include all the details of your life! Each word should be chosen carefully in order to make it the most clear, concise, organized, easy to read, document possible. Keep in mind that the typical employer takes no longer than a 20 second visual sweep over a resume. Only the best resumes, not candidates, get longer attention and possibly an interview, so you will want to make sure you communicate efficiently and effectively.

If you don’t have time to stop by the Career Center, check out the links below for hints to creating the perfect resume and cover letter.

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