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Associate of Applied Science

Career Opportunities with an Associate of Applied Science Degree

The A.A.S. degree prepares students for entry-level employment in a given occupation or upgrades employable skills. While not intended for transfer to a baccalaureate degree program, all A.A.S. degrees have limited transferability. In each A.A.S. program, some of the courses are articulated with and accepted by at least one specific baccalaureate program. Talk with an adviser for specific details.

Student Performance Objectives for Career and Technical Education (CTE) A.A.S. degree programs

Students who complete CTE programs will be able to perform the following:

· Basic and advanced academic skills appropriate to the profession.

  • Basic skills: reading, writing, mathematics, speaking, listening.
  • Thinking skills: ability to learn, reason, make decisions, and solve problems.

· General occupational skills appropriate to the profession.

  • Information: ability to acquire and evaluate data, organize and maintain files, use computers to process information.
  • Interpersonal: ability to work on teams and with people, teach others, serve customers, lead, negotiate; value and serve, work well with and for people from diverse cultures.
  • Personal: responsibility, self-management, integrity; personal, professional and social ethics.
  • Resources: ability to allocate time, money, materials, space and staff.
  • Systems: understand technological, organizational and social systems; monitor and correct performance; design or improve systems.
  • Technology: select equipment, apply technology to specific tasks.

· Specific occupational skills that involve all aspects of the profession include planning, management, finances, underlying principles of technology, technical skills, labor and community issues, health and safety and environmental issues.

Each CTE program area has identified student performance objectives. These performance objectives are given to students during the advising process.


 The following list is a representative sample of job titles for individuals with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in a variety of programs. Click on highlighted jobs for more information on training, income and job outlook. The list represents some, but certainly not all jobs you can get with an Associate of Applied Science Degree.  Many of these jobs can require education beyond an associate’s and bachelor's degree.

Administrative Manager
Administrative Assistant
Automotive Service Technician
Bill and Account Collector
Child Care Worker
Clinical Lab Technician
Computer Programmer
Computer Support Specialist
Customer Service Representative
Database Manager
Data Entry and Information Processing Worker
Diesel Service Mechanic
Director & Producer
Emergency Medical Technician
Fire Fighter
Health Care
Human Resource Assistant
Motion Picture Industry
Payroll Clerk
Real Estate Broker
Respiratory Therapist
Sales Worker Supervisor
Stock Clerk and Order Filler
Teacher Assistant
Video Editor
Writer and Editor


The above information has been obtained from numerous colleges, professional associations, and multiple print and online resources.

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