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Which Pathway are you in?

Our degrees and programs are categorized into Guided Pathways to help you stay on track to finish your degree and achieve your career goals. You can read about degrees in each Pathway below:

Not sure what the difference is between an Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS), Associate of Applied Science (AAS), or certificate? You can read about each type of degree in our FAQs

Programs in this Guided Academic Pathway prepare students to write and speak to persuade and help others, or present information in the most effective ways.

Pathway Advisor
Svetlana Ehrhart, B.A.
Location: CentreTech Campus, Administration Building
(303) 360-4983

Programs in this Guided Academic Pathway prepare students to use their ideas, passion to create, and artistic expression.

Pathway Advisors
Angela Tancik, M.P.A.
Location: Lowry Campus, West Quad Building
(303) 340-5219

Stephanie Lee, M.S.
Location: CentreTech Campus, Administration Building
(303) 360-4912

Arts and Communication Department Degrees

  • AA in Art History
  • AAS and Certificate in Music Entertainment and Entrepreneurship Music Producer
  • AAS and Certificate in Music Entertainment and Entrepreneurship Music Performance
  • AA in Studio Art
  • AA in Theatre
  • Theatre and Event Technology Certificate

Degrees with the Colorado Film School

Are you interested in pursuing a film degree? The Colorado Film School has a separate application for admissions. Check out their website to apply for admission 

  • Acting/Directing for the Screen AAS and Certificate
  • Cinematography/Videography AAS and Certificate
  • Post-Production AAS and Certificate
  • Screen Writing AAS and Certificate
  • Writing/Directing AAS and Certificate
  • Writing/Producing AAS and Certificate

Programs in this Guided Academic Pathway prepare students to enter the healthcare profession and contribute to the betterment of society.

Pathway Advisors
James Koerner
Location: Lowry Campus, West Quad Building
(303) 340-7547

Carina Solis-Roman
Location: CentreTech Campus, Administration Building
(303) 340-5213

Health Sciences Department Degrees

  • Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Certificate**
  • Patient Care Technician (PCT) Certificate**
  • Patient Representative Certificate
  • Phlebotomy Certificate**
  • Respiratory Therapy AAS

Students can also take pre-requisite courses to apply towards the Integrated Nursing Pathway (INP). We strongly recommend that you meet with the Health Pathway Advisor before you start enrolling in classes.

**Students who are interested in these degree programs must attend or view an information session with the Health Sciences Department

Programs in this Guided Academic Pathway prepare students to explore and explain human relationships and social, political, and ethical systems.

Behavioral Sciences Department Degrees

  • AA in Psychology
  • AS in Psychology
  • AA in Sociology

Education Department Degrees

  • AA and AAS in Early Childhood Education (ECE)
  • ECE Entry Certificate
  • ECE Teacher Certificate
  • ECE Infant/Toddler Supervisor Certificate
  • ECE Director Certificate
  • AA in Elementary Education

Social Sciences Department Degrees

  • AA in Anthropology
  • AA in Economics
  • AA in Geography
  • AA in History
  • AA in Philosophy
  • AA in Political Science

Programs in this Guided Academic Pathway prepare students to enter public service and/or the professional workplace directly after receiving their associates or certificate.

Pathway Advisor
Jessica Solis, M.A.
Location: Lowry Campus, West Quad Building
(303) 340-7508

Ernie Navarette
Location: Lowry Campus, West Quad Building
(303) 340-7044

Business Department Degrees

  • AA in Business
  • Bookkeeping Certificate
  • Banking Essentials Certificate
  • Human Resources Management Certificate
  • Entrepreneurship Launch Certificate
  • Entrepreneurship Studies Certificate
  • Real Estate Certificate
  • Supervisor Fundamentals Certificate

Public Service Department Degrees

Criminal Justice and Police Academy Degrees

  • Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy Certificate
  • Criminal Justice AA and AAS

Emergency Medical Services Degrees

  • Emergency Medical Technician Basic Certificate
  • Emergency Medical Technician Paramedicine Certificate
  • Paramedicine AAS

Fire Science Technology Program

  • Fire Science Technology AAS
  • Fire Science Technology Certificate
  • Fundamentals of Fire Science Certificate

Paralegal Degrees

  • Paralegal AAS and Certificate
  • Management with a Paralegal Emphasis AAS

Skilled Trades Department Degrees

Construction Management

  • Construction Estimating Certificate
  • Construction Superintendent Certificate

Diesel Power Mechanics

  • Diesel Power Mechanics AAS


  • Inventory Management Certificate
  • Purchasing and Procurement Certificate
  • Warehouse Management Certificate

World Languages,Translation & Interpretation Degrees

  • Translation & Interpretation AAS
  • Translation & Interpretation Certificate
  • Translation & Interpretation Certificate - Legal
  • Translation & Interpretation Certificate - Medical

Programs in this Guided Academic Pathway prepare students for careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

Pathway Advisor
Michelle Jaramillo, M.Ed.
Location: Lowry Campus, West Quad Building
(303) 340-7091

Courtney Knauff
Location: Lowry Campus, West Quad Building
(303) 340-7238

Science Department Degrees

  • AS in Biology
  • AS in Chemistry
  • AS in Geology
  • AS in Physics
  • Pre-Engineering Track

Math Department Degrees

  • AS in Mathematics

Computer and Digital Technology Degrees

  • AAS in Computer Information Systems
  • AAS in Computer Information Systems (Transfer to Metro State University)
  • AAS in Computer Science (Transfer to CU Boulder)
  • AAS in Cyber Security
  • AAS in Graphic and Web Design
  • AAS in IT Technology and Support
  • AAS in Networking
  • AAS in Programming
  • Basic Networking and Security Certificate
  • CISCO Certificate
  • Creative Tools Certificate
  • IT Technology and Support Certificate
  • Office Administration Certificate
  • PC Application Specialist Certificate

Want to learn more about classes to take for each Associate degree? Take a look at our Academic Course Maps for all Associate Degrees. Academic Course Maps will show you the degree requirements, and it helps you plan out the classes to take to finish within two years. If you decide that you need longer than 2 years to finish your degree, the Academic Course Map is still a great tool to determine the best semester to take a class. 

For certificates, you can find degree requirements listed down in Certificates.

Ready to meet with an Advisor?  Make an appointment on Navigate

Need assistance with making an appointment? New students may not have an advisor assigned to them yet. Contact Advising to make an appointment: (303) 360-4929 or

CentreTech Campus

Lowry Campus

Administration Building
16000 E CentreTech Pkwy
Aurora, CO  80011

Monday – Thursday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm 
Friday 10:00 am-5:00 pm  

West Quad Building 
710 Alton Way
Denver, CO  80230

Monday – Thursday 8:00 am-5:00 pm 
Friday 10:00 am-5:00 pm

Cheryl Waite, M.A.
Associate of Arts 
(303) 361-7408

Rebecca Bernstein, M.S.N.
Associate of Science
(303) 340-7090

Svetlana Ehrhart, B.A.
Communication & Languages
(303) 360-4983

Angela Tancik, M.P.A.
Creative Industries
(303) 340-5219

Stephanie Lee, M.S.
Creative Industries
(303) 360-4912

James Koerner
Health Sciences
(303) 340-7547

Julie Johnson, B.S.
Generalist, CNA, and Phlebotomy

Jessica Solis, M.A.
Professional Studies and Public Service 
(303) 340-7508

Carina Solis-Roman
Health Sciences
(303) 340-5213

Ernie Navarette
Professional Studies and Public Service
(303) 340-7044

Yvanna Corella 
Associate of General Studies
(303) 361-7386

Michelle Jaramillo, M.Ed.
(303) 340-7091

LeeDel Cohenour 
International Students
Students Under the Age of 17
(303) 360-4839

Courtney Knauff
(303) 340-7238




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