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Student D2L Resources

Student D2L and Other Technology Resources

The following "Quick Start" guides will help you as you begin using D2L.

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CCA Email

Video: CCA Email Log In How to Guide


CCA Student D2L Orientation Slides

Slides- these is the slide deck used in the D2L Student Orientation.  There is not currently any sound on it. 

Main D2L Homepage

Accessing D2L - Log into MyCCA and click on the D2L link to access D2L content.  Review this Quick Guide to give you a little more information about the logging in process.

My Home - The My Home is accessible whenever you login to D2L, regardless of the course in which you are participating.  You can access your courses and eamil in My Home as well as view college news and other important resources. Video Tour of My Home

Course Homepage

Course Home - When you enter your course, you will have a Course Home toolbar, and various helpful sections (called widgets) with important information.  You might find you visit your course in D2L to upload assignments, check grades, and take quizzes.  You will do that in your Course, and can navigate to those sections in the Course Home. 

Course Content

Course Content - The Content area in D2L is where you access course materials, such as the syllabus, assignment directions, presentations, handouts, etc. – whatever your instructor has uploaded for you. 

Download Content in D2L - Sometimes it can be helpful to have course files saved to your computer for use offline.  This quick guide will show you how to download content from D2L.

Print Content in D2L - Sometimes it can be helpful to have course files printed out for use offline.  This quick guide will show you how to print content from D2L.


Submit a File to the Dropbox - A lot of instructors will ask you to submit an assignment in D2L (for example, an essay), and will ask you to submit it to a Dropbox.  This guide will show you how to submit your file. Video: How to Add a File to a Dropbox

View Dropbox Submission - Review your Dropbox submission by following these instructions.  Viewing your submissions will allow you to verify that the correct file is uploaded.

View Dropbox Feedback - Feedback from your instructor is a big help in improving understanding and performance.  This quick guide will show you were to find feedback from your instructors on items you submit in the Dropbox.

Email and Messaging

Create an Email Signature - Sometimes it is helpful to have a signature appear automatically at the end of emails.  It is also a good professional practice.  Creating a signature is easy, and saves you a little time when writing your email – you don’t have to sign your name, or include other important information, because your saved signature will do that for you.

Messaging from the Classlist - In D2L the email account is internal.  This means you can access your D2L email when logged into D2L and from any course you’re logged into.  However, you cannot send email outside of D2L (such as sending an email to Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc.).   Make sure to check your D2L email as you may receive important class-related emails that you do not want to miss.

Email from the Inbox - D2L's email feature looks a lot like a traditional email interface, if you are familiar with email.  Make sure to use the Email feature when communicating with your Instructor.


Taking a Quiz - Review this quick guide for information on how to take a quiz.  Make sure to see the quiz process through to completion! Video: How to Take a Quiz 

Viewing Quiz Questions & Answers - If your Instructor set the quiz so you can view the questions and your answers, the instructions below will guide you on how to view those. Sometimes instructors do not allow viewing of questions/answers after the quiz, so if you are unsuccessful in gaining access to questions/answers, reach out to your instructor for guidance.


Discussions - Discussions are typically used for online and hybrid courses; sometimes, however, a face-to-face/traditional class will have Discussions available, so this quick guide will show you how to access and participate in any discussions that exist.

Attaching a File to a Discussion - In the Discussions area you have the capability to attach documents, presentations, pictures, etc., to a discussion message that you compose or reply to.  This guide will show you how to attach a file to a newly composed message.


Need D2L Help?  Contact the 24/7 Help Desk at 1-888-800-9198

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