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Altered Art & Design

Foundational approach adopted

The Art & Design program at CCA wants its students to “think differently” than they have previously about their craft.

In an effort to stimulate that mindset, the department has announced the implementation of a Foundations program, which entails a collaboration of faculty to integrate course curriculum and prepare students systematically for a creative career and potential entrance into the marketplace.

All first-year Art & Design students will be required to take a rigorous cluster of foundational courses that will ensure they have the core tools necessary to succeed, including drawing creativity, design, technology, and presentation.
These Foundations courses precede specialization in various creative fields, with the overarching idea being that students can identify their own strengths before branching out into design, animation, graphic storytelling, and other artistic fields.
Additionally, CCA degrees are highly transferable into Bachelor of Fine Arts programs using this revamped approach, favored by many art and design institutions.
“We’ve got to give the students the best first-year experience that we can,” said Scott Wakefield, department chair for Art & Design. “This Foundations program is an opportunity for students to come and spend their first year finding their voice as an artist by getting the fundamental, foundational core courses that are needed.”
For more information on the courses within the Art & Design department’s Foundations program and a video highlighting some of the changes, please visit:
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