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CCA in the News

Community College of Aurora Program Gives 'Edge' to Future IT Technicians
CBS Denver
March 21, 2019
CCA's GetIT program is an accelerated certificate program.

Medical Center of Aurora & CCA Team Up for the Healing Arts Program
Aurora News Weekly
November 12, 2018
CCA Music Director Michael Pickering performed at Medical Center of Aurora.

Youngest Graduate and Mother-Daughter Graduates
Aurora News Weekly
May 7, 2018
Two segments highlighting graduates of CCA's 2018 Commencement ceremony.

Denver Business Journal Profile on Community College of Aurora Students
Denver Business Journal
April 27, 2018
Two CCA entrepreneurship students were recently featured.

"ThankYouAmerica!" Campaign
Aurora News Weekly
March 19, 2018
A segment regarding the "ThankYouAmerica!" campaign.

"Anansi & Friends" Spring Theatre Production
Aurora News Weekly
March 5, 2018
A segment about CCA's Spring Theatre Department production.

Community College of Aurora Opens Production Focusing on Disabilities
October 26, 2017
CCA worked with Phamaly Theater Company on "Vox: Under Construction."

¿Quieres aprender a montar tu propio negocio? (Do you want to learn how to set up your own business?)
Telemundo Denver
September 13, 2017
A look at a woman who used CCA's Entrepreneurship program to launch her business. English transcript.

For DACA immigrants, ‘this is their country’
Aurora Sentinel
September 7, 2017
CCA President Betsy Oudenhoven is interviewed about the impact of ending DACA for CCA students

Brian Steward Directs the Colorado Film School Toward the Future
September 6, 2017
An interview with Colorado Film School Director Brian Steward

75 Year-Old Graduate Motivated To Help Others Realize Their Potential
My Prime Time News
May 28, 2017
A report on CCA's oldest graduate.

Leading the Way
Aurora News Weekly
May 22, 2017
Aurora News Weekly reports on CCA's oldest and youngest graduates from the 2016-2017 commencement class.

Culturally Responsive Developmental Education
Inside Higher Ed
May 10, 2017
This article discusses some of the efforts CCA has made to develop culturally responsive teaching

CCA Partnership with Community Enterprise Development Services and the City of Aurora’s Office of International and Immigrant Affairs Highlighted
Aurora News Weekly
May 1, 2017
Aurora News Weekly has a brief mention on the partnership in its story on immigrant businesses

Paradise Park Zoo Opening Night This Week
Aurora News Weekly
March 13, 2017
A brief promotion of the CCA Spring Production "Paradise Park Zoo" 

Vice President of Academic Affairs Responds to Academic Rigor Debate
Colorado Public Radio
November 30, 2016
Vice President of Academic Affairs Janet Brandau discusses academic standards at CCA

Aurora Leaders, Diverse Communities Grapple with Trump's Immigration Agenda
Aurora Sentinel
November 22, 2016
Community leaders, including CCA, are hoping to assuage fears about the president-elect

CCA, Other Community Colleges to Answer Questions for Abandoned ITT Tech Students at Series of Open Houses
Aurora Sentinel
September 9, 2016

Community College of Aurora Finalist for National Award
August 29, 2016
A television report about CCA's Math Department being nominated for an Excelencia in Education award.

The Next Equity Challenge?
Inside Higher Ed
August 26, 2016
The article mentions the equity work being done by James Gray, chair of the Mathematics Department, with faculty members and instructors to increase their awareness of classroom interactions with students of color as it relates to student achievement and success.

'Access to Success' Connects Community College of Aurora Students to Jobs
Aurora Sentinel
July 21, 2016
CCA was one of 14 colleges in the country to receive a grant to offset childcare costs for community college students

'Access to Success' Grant to Boost Working Families
July 25, 2016
Aurora News Weekly
CCA was one of 14 colleges to receive a nearly $4 million grant to help working families.

CCA Receives Xcel Energy Foundation Grant
Aurora News Weekly
July 4, 2016
A television report on CCA receiving an Xcel Energy Foundation Grant. (Xcel Energy Foundation Grant story begins at about 12:53 into the broadcast).

The Community College of Aurora Hosts a “Solidarity with Orlando” Event in Honor of the Victims of the Orlando Tragedy
Aurora News Weekly
June 20, 2016
A television report on the CCA event that allowed students to support the city of Orlando in the wake of the mass shooting that killed nearly 50 people. (CCA segment begins at about 53 seconds).

Aurora's CCA Working to Turn the Tide on Community College Perceptions
Aurora Sentinel
May 27, 2016
Find out how CCA is combatting assumptions students make about attending a two-year school

Aurora Youth Water Festival at CCA and ThankYouAmerica! Campaign Win
Aurora News Weekly
May 23, 2016
Reports on the Youth Water Festival at CCA and the ThankYouAmerica! campaign that featured CCA students

National Guard Members Train for Disasters, Terrorist Attacks
The Denver Channel - 7News
May 21, 2016
A television report about National Guard training occurring on CCA's Lowry campus.

Interview with CCA Student on Colorado Public Radio Regarding ThankYouAmerica!
Colorado Public Radio
May 16, 2016
Colorado Public Radio speaks with Sharona Grinsteiner regarding the campaign

CCA ThankYouAmerica! Campaign Boosts Visibility of Immigration in Aurora
Aurora Sentinel
April 21, 2016
The ThankYouAmerica! campaign brought CCA students, immigrants, and other community members together to celebrate immigration.

Univision Report on Community College of Aurora's Camino al Colegio
KCEC-TV (Univision)
April 14, 2016
KCEC did a report on CCA's Camino al Colegio event.

Tactical Training at CCA's Disaster Management Institute
Fox31 News
March 30, 2016
Fifty first responders and law enforcement men and women participated in training March 29 at the Disaster Management Institute, located on CCA’s Lowry campus. Instructors from around the country donated their time to train them during a variety of simulations. The participants attended the training at no cost.

Students Give Shakespeare a New Life
March 25, 2016
Interview with CCA Student Dana Bergren and Director Joe Gill about the CCA production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Community College of Aurora Taking Control of Campus Land, Future Growth
Aurora Sentinel
March 9, 2016
A planned land transfer will allow CCA more control over its campus development.

From Training to Recruiting, Aurora Campus Partnership Gives Med Center a Leg Up
Aurora Sentinel
An article on the college’s ongoing relationship with the Community Campus Partnership at the Anschutz Medical Center.

The Prescription for the State's Economy
Highlights Vice President Joe Biden's visit to CCD, with a piece on CCA's workforce development program.

Students with difficult beginnings earn rare honor as NASA grant scholars
Feature on three students who garnered an elite honor and will work on a NASA project.

New CCA foundation scholarship opens college doors for Aurora Central students
Aurora Sentinel
Spotlight on recent CCA foundation scholarship and presentation

Aurora's Poet Laureate spreads the Word
Aurora Sentinel
Interview with Jovan Mays promoting Open Mic Night

Model UN Conference
Aurora News Weekly
Coverage of the Model UN trip to New York

Student Success Awards
Aurora News Weekly
Coverage of the Student Success Awards.

College Recognizes Students Beating the Odds
December 5, 2014
A feature on CCA's Student Success Awards.

Family of Seven Kids Learns to Attend College Through Homeschooling
February 25, 2013
"The Hendersons of Aurora may be the first family of CCA, with seven students already through the doors and two more on the way. They'll literally sing the college's praises, and much more."

Show of Healing
November 3, 2012
"The CCA theatre production, 'Glimpses' is a collection of personal, real stories from students at CCA. While the show is not a direct representation of the theater tragedies, it is about actual emotions and stresses that the actors experienced."

Oldest student
July 28, 2012
At age 91, Graham Witherspoon, the oldest community college student in the state of Colorado, hones his artistic skills by taking painting classes at CCA. 

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