CCA is an accredited community college with campuses in Aurora and Denver Colorado

Foundations partner up

Funding for local scholarships

The CCA Foundation has en­tered into a partnership with The Nuñez Foundation to benefit local youth.

The collaboration could double the number of stu­dents served by the Nuñez fam­ily, which has provided Aurora and Metro Denver high school seniors with more than $80,000 in scholarship and career development opportunities over the last decade.

Contributions to The Nuñez Foundation will be matched by the CCA Founda­tion for those local students attending CCA. The Founda­tion will raise matching funds through individual appeals and targeted direct marketing.

On Aug. 3, Pedro Saenz, co-founder and president of The Nuñez Foundation, bestowed a $5,000 check to the CCA Foundation, its board members, and CCA President Dr. Betsy Oudenhoven at an annual fundraising event at La Cueva Restaurant.

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