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CSI: Aurora Mock Trial

April 26, 2016 – Aurora, CO – Students at the Community College of Aurora will participate in a mock criminal trial, the culmination of weeks of classroom instruction, on Saturday, April 30 at 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. at the CCA Center for Simulation, located at 9235 E. 10th Drive, Denver, CO.

CSI: Aurora captures the popularity of forensics and teaches students the reality of forensic work through an immersive learning exercise.

Students from archaeology, forensics anthropology, criminal justice, paralegal, and science departments at CCA will present their cases to the judge and jury based on a crime scene scenario, using evidence they uncovered at a mock crime scene in March. The trial is the culmination of the work of anthropology, archaeology, and criminal justice students. Paralegal students will act as the lawyers; translation and interpretation students will be involved in interpreting for one of the witnesses.

The “experts” from each of the disciplines will testify for the prosecution and be cross-examined by the defense team. Theater students will portray the other witnesses and an adjunct instructor will play the part of the judge.

“We are giving students hands-on experience in how to investigate and corroborate a crime,” said Elizabeth Hirsh, principal investigator and anthropology faculty at CCA. “These students are getting practical knowledge in a simulated environment that they can use if they choose to further their careers in forensics or criminal justice.” 

The mock trial will take place in a full-scale courtroom – one of CCA’s simulation labs – funded several years ago by a grant from the state system that governs community colleges in Colorado to support its immersive-learning curriculum. 

“This is an excellent opportunity for students from different departments to work together in a setting that simulates what is actually practiced in these types of professions,’’ said Margaret Uchner, legal studies coordinator at CCA.

For more information and student interviews, please contact Mary Jackson Meeks at 303-913-5282.

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