CCA state pacesetter for Tax Help Colorado

The Community College of Aurora easily topped 19 other statewide Tax Help Colorado sites by generating $2.852 million in total refunds for the 2011 tax year, while also setting a new record with 1,388 returns filed, official records show.
Four other sites have continuing service, but CCA’s community involvement for the period Jan. 28 through March 24 currently stands as 22.3 percent of the total output of all participating schools whose Tax Help sites now are closed for the season.
CCA’s $2.852 million in refunds returned to taxpayers also stands as a record for the Tax Help program, which was established by the Piton Foundation to help families with annual household income lower than $49,000 by preparing its returns free of charge.
CCA had held the previous No. 1 spot with $2.43 million in refunds returned to 1,068 clients last year.
The school has experienced steady growth since serving as a pilot school for the Tax Help program back in 2007. Clients served have grown each year: 340 (2008); 556 (’09); 1,008 (’10), 1,068 (’11) and 1,388 (’12). The amount refunded also has been on a steady uptick: $523,064 (’08), $1.004 million (’09), $2.38 million (’10), $2.43 million (’11) and $2.85 million (’12).
About 45 IRS-certified volunteers at CCA provided service this tax season three days a week at the school’s Lowry campus through March 24. CCA has now had about 150 total Tax Help volunteers over the past five years help 4,360 low- to middle-income taxpayers pocket more than $9.2 million in refunds.
Tax Help Colorado, in total, has prepared 6,212 returns to date, with $10.986 million in federal refunds, $1.312 million in state refunds, $4.229 million in Earned Income Tax Credits and $12.297 million in total refunds processed.


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