“Thank you for giving us things other countries only dream about”

CCA Veterans Daya 2010Photos, at left: CCA instructor Lanette Sapenter watches with pride as students in her Public Speaking course offered tributes to the country’s service members on Veterans Day.

CCA student Kevin Ogar addressed a crowd during a Nov. 11 Veterans Day tribute. “Active military members make many personal sacrifices” for our freedoms, he said.


An “Honoring Our Veterans” tribute, held Nov. 11 at the Community College of Aurora, proved a fitting and moving occasion during which to recognize the nation’s veterans. One by one, students from one of the college’s Public Speaking courses approached the podium and told the gathered crowd what the day meant to them. “Because of you, I can speak my mind, I can run for president, I can stand before you today,” said one. “I, and my fellow classmates, express our thanks.” Another: “Thank you for giving us the things so many other countries only dream about.”

In a class of nearly 20 students, nearly everyone spoke of a family member who served or is serving in the U.S. armed forces. Most spoke of the personal sacrifices that members of the military make every day. Poems were shared, and all offered their gratitude to veterans past and present. “To those who have paid the ultimate price, you are the reason I get to lead the life I live,” said one. “Today, we honor our veterans, and we say, thank you for defending our country,” said another. “You risked your lives for complete strangers—for people you don’t know, and likely never will know. It’s unfortunate that we take only one day to honor you. You should be thanked for your strength, courage, and determination each and every day.”

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