Boulder musician Beth Cole to offer Sept. 16 performance of "The Harp of Brandiswhiere"

The highly praised composition “The Harp of Brandiswhiere: Suite for Celtic Harp” will be performed for the community at 7 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 16, at the Community College of Aurora’s CentreTech Campus. This special performance is free and open to the public.

Boulder musician Beth A. Cole will play the harp and Wayne A. Gilbert, Denver poet and Community College of Aurora faculty member, will read the legend between the musical pieces.

An original piece by the acclaimed harpist and composer Sylvia Woods, “The Harp of Brandiswhiere: Suite for Celtic Harp” is the musical interpretation of an old Celtic legend about two harpers, Brandiswhiere and his apprentice/true love, Telena, who lived on the Island of Spring. An evil sorcerer, Gourenspur, created a mirage of gypsies dancing and singing to ensnare the harpers, but only caught Telena. When the mirage faded away, it took her with it.

The legend continues: Poor Brandiswhiere searched for Telena but could not find her. Early the next morning, he heard a shepherd playing a flute. He joined with his harp in a lament to Telena. He did find Telena’s harp in the woods, and she sent him a telepathic message by playing the harp and creating images in his mind to forewarn him of Gourenspur’s evil magic. Brandiswhiere did battle with Gourenspur, snatching the island back and forth between winter and spring. Eventually, Brandiswhiere won, and Telena was released from the spell. Spring returned to the island forever.

The performance will take place in the college’s Larry D. Carter Theatre in the Fine Arts Building, 16000 E. CentreTech Parkway, Aurora, CO 80011.

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