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“Metamorphoses” Play Will Be ‘Unlike What People Are Used to Seeing’

Oct. 14, 2019 — Aurora, Colo. — When Community College of Aurora student actors take the stage for the college’s fall theater production in November, attendees will see and hear stories of love and loss, of joy and pain, of life-changing transformations for good and ill — and they’ll see and hear it all unfold in and around a pool of water.

The public is invited to the college’s latest theater production, “Metamorphoses,” which will debut Nov. 7 in the Larry D. Carter Theatre on CCA’s CentreTech campus. The play will also show Nov. 8, 9, 14, 15 and 16. All playtimes are set for 7:30 p.m. and general admission tickets are $10.

The original “Metamorphoses” play, written and directed by playwright Mary Zimmerman, premiered in 1996 at Northwestern University, made its way to Broadway six years later and has since won several Tony Awards. The play is a modernized adaptation of Ovid’s classic poem, which was completed in the year 8 and describes the creation and history of the world using many of Greek mythology’s best-known and loved characters and tales. There’s the story of Orpheus and how he loses his new bride to the Underworld, of Midas and how he inadvertently turns his beloved daughter into gold, of the shy Vertumnus and how he disguises himself to win the hand of Pomona, and others. “Metamorphoses” tells these and other stories of transformation in a modern way, which includes the use of a shallow body of water, a large crystal chandelier suspended above the pool and, as Zimmerman puts it in her staging notes, “a large painting of the sky, above which gods and goddesses might appear.”

“We’re going to test the limits of what physical theater can look like. It’s going to be unlike what people are used to seeing,” said CCA theater director Stacey D’Angelo, who is co-directing the play with CCA instructor Rakeem Lawrence. “The play isn’t necessarily going to have a linear narrative where we only follow two characters. There are lots of layers of storytelling, ultimately rooted in movement, imagery, music and water.”

Added Lawrence: “This play will make all of us laugh at our mistakes and cry over our common heartbreaks.”

D’Angelo said she chose “Metamorphoses” for two reasons. First, it’s a challenging play she’s wanted to tackle ever since she arrived at CCA in 2008. Second, as the world changes at breakneck speed and people endure challenges of various kinds, she said she wanted to take a moment to pause and point to the beauty — though not easy to see at times — in the world.

“Change can be difficult and painful, but there is meaning behind it all. We just might not know it yet,” D’Angelo said. “When you’re in the middle of a change, or a metamorphosis, you can’t see it beyond what it is. But at some point, we’re going to be able to look back in that reflective pool, so to speak, and see that it was all worth it in the end.” 

Tickets can be purchased at ccaurora.edu/fall-play.


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