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Save A Cop - Tactical Casualty Care (TCC) Simulated Training for Law Enforcement

WHAT: Save a Cop Tactical Casualty Care (TCC) Simulated Training for Local Law Enforcement

WHERE: The Disaster Management Institute at the Community College of Aurora (CCA) – Lowry Campus

Please arrive at 2:00 p.m. at CCA’s Lowry Campus – located a 710 Alton Way, Aurora, CO 80230. You will meet Pony Anderson, Director of the CCA Disaster Management Institute at the Katrina Building. You can reach Pony at 303-570-7560.

WHEN: Tuesday, March 28 | 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. (best time for visuals)

WHY: TCC is a standard of training for law enforcement following the lessons learned from the Aurora Theater shooting in 2012. Attendees will participate in live, hyper-simulated events to help them assess, stabilize, or rescue a fellow officer or civilian until emergency medical personnel arrive on-scene.

“This event is all about CCA giving back to the community,” said Pony Anderson, Director of the CCA Disaster Management Institute. “The best instructors in the field of tactical casualty care training from across the country are donating their time to this event at no cost to law enforcement officers.”

HOW:  The morning sessions include in-class and hands-on training to assess casualties and employ lifesaving techniques, such as: triage, hemorrhage control, wound packing, and airway and breathing. The afternoon sessions will include these hyper-simulated scenarios:

  • Domestic Violence: with an officer down
  • Active Shooter: with multiple patient casualties
  • Domestic Terrorism Bombing: with multiple casualties
  • Tornado Alley: aftermath of a tornado with multiple injuries and unstable debris

VISUALS: Simulation rooms will be set up to recreate these situations for training. Participants will be in tactical gear and there will be simulated situations and scenarios.

Please Note: These Activities Are All Simulations.

Partial list of participants and invited law enforcement agencies: Aurora Police Department, Denver Police Department, Westminster Police Department, Denver FBI, Broomfield Police Department, Denver International Airport, Ault Police Department, RTD Police, Aerospace Data Facility Police, Department of Homeland Security, and others.

About the Center for Simulation & Disaster Management Institute at the Community College of Aurora (CCA) at the Lowry Campus

The Disaster Management Institute of Colorado, a program within the Center for Simulation at the Community College of Aurora. The Institute features a fully functional Emergency Operations Center that allows CCA students and working professionals alike to experience and train in management of simulated disasters of all types and sizes. The space was completed in 2005 and is the first in the world to create simulation spaces for training first responders.

The Institute serves as a model for interagency collaboration and workforce training and development and is key to CCA’s Center for Simulation and Public Service programs. Classes at the Institute are taught by emergency management and homeland security professionals, including police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical professionals who are working or have worked for public service agencies. The facility employs some of the most advanced technology available, including an Advanced Disaster Management Simulator (ADMS). ADMS is a training simulator that offers a realistic environment to train first responders, on-scene commanders, and incident command teams. The technology bridges the gap between classroom and live exercises and enables students to gain necessary insight and skills to handle any type of emergency, from traffic accidents up to large-scale disasters.

About the Community College of Aurora

The Community College of Aurora (CCA) has campuses at CentreTech and Lowry in the greater Denver area. Equipped with the latest technologies, CCA allows students to study new and traditional programs, while also offering Colorado online classes and degrees. CCA’s service community includes 325,000 people in a 350 square-mile area and CCA’s student population reflects the diversity of this community. The college provides lifelong educational opportunities, prepares the current workforce, and promotes excellence in teaching, learning, and service.

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