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Every month, Community College of Aurora highlights the students, programs, faculty and events that make the institution unique in its InterCom Newsletter distributed to the college. Below is a sampling of inspirational, motivational and informational articles that have appeared in recent months and demonstrate the fabric of CCA.

"Ready For Liftoff" – June 2015

"Long-Distance Transfer: CCA to Tokyo" – May 2015

"Unexpected Part of the Equation" – March 2015

"A frank Q-and-A with CCA President Dr. Betsy Oudenhoven" - January 2015

"Former Refugee Revisits Harrowing past; Sees Bright Future" - October 2014

"The Fight of Her Life" – September 2014

"Ortega Sisters Different, But Three of a Kind When It Comes to Academics" - August 2014

"Uncommon Sense: Blind Student from Iraq Finds Resolve to Excel" - July 2014

"Denver Sheriff remembers CCA roots, bout with homelessness" - May 2014

"Nigerian film students get crash course in professionalism" - April 2014

"For CCA spouses, success is a matter of degrees" – March 2014

"City of Aurora, CCA building strong partnership" - February 2014

"Student getting just desserts by changing life's trajectory" - December 2013

"The ride of her life: One student's harrowing journey" - November 2013

"Interim president Oudenhoven plots CCA course" - September 2013

"Out of the Darkness: Finding peace at CCA after theater tragedy" - June, 2013

"Outside-the-Box Thinking Allows Students to Reach for Stratosphere" - May, 2013

"Translation and Interpretation Grads Don't Mince Words" - April, 2013

"Home schooled: Hendersons make case as CCA's first family" - March, 2013

"The Show Must Go On: One Student's Inspirational Battle" - February, 2013

"Integrated Nursing Pathway A Unique National Model" - January, 2013


"A Behind the Scenes Glimpse at President Obama's CCA visit" - December, 2012

"One-Time Math Prodigy Adds Son to Equation" - November, 2012

"Horrific Accident Steels Sanchez For Old College Try" - October, 2012

"Crunch Time: Administration Building Handles Late Rush To Fall Semester" - September 2012

"Gym Dandy Relationship: Five Points Meets West Point" - August 2012

"New CCA President Overcomes Dyslexia, Racism On Way To Top" - July 2012

"Oldest Community College Student in State's Twilight Artfully Done" - June 2012



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