The Office of Disability and Equity

The Office of Disability and Equity

The Office of Disability and Equity (ODE) operates under the mandates of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Amendments Act of 2008, which require the College to provide reasonable accommodations for otherwise qualified students with disabilities. See also Colorado Community College System (CCCS) policy SP 4-120b – Student Disability Services.

Office of Disability and Equity Mission Statement:

The Office of Disability and Equity (ODE) creates a learning environment that promotes self-advocacy and prepares students for academic success through information and resources, while focusing on individual needs with compassion, empathy, and inclusivity. ODE commits to collaboration with the CCA college community to recognize disability as a valued aspect of inclusive excellence.

Office of Disability and Equity Vision:

ODE’s vision is to be the model for higher education accessibility programs to initiate systemic change in removing barriers when providing support services to students with disabilities and for the college community that supports their success. 

Office of Disability and Equity Values:

1. Inclusive
2. Inviting
3. Invested
4. Compassionate
5. Adaptive

How to contact ODE:

Hours of Operation: 8 am – 5 pm Monday - Friday

Staff are available for appointments or unscheduled walk-ins. Appointments strongly encouraged, not required.

To make an appointment or for request additional information: or 303-340-7548
Response Time: Usually same day. Occasionally up to 1 business day.

Students New to Disability and Equity:

  1.       New students should make an appointment with the ODE to discuss accommodations. Students can make an appointment via email at or phone at 303-340-7548. 

  2.       During the appointment, students will meet with an ODE Coordinator, and discuss the impact of the student's disability, their academic history, previous successful accommodations, and how to navigate CCA and ODE procedures. 

  3.       Student should provide ODE Coordinator with documentation of the disability or disabilities they have self-identified. ODE provides guidance regarding acceptable documentation on the office website. If the documentation provided by the student is insufficient to establish the need for accommodations, additional documentation may be required.

  4.       ODE will provide the student with a decision regarding accommodations in the form of an official letter of accommodation, sent to the student's official CCCS email account. Students are responsible for providing this letter to their professors, unless they require assistance in this communication from ODE. Accommodations are not retroactive, so letters that are not provided to professors until late in the semester will not apply to previously completed tests, quizzes, etc.

  5.       Accommodations do not automatically renew; therefore, students are responsible for contacting ODE every semester to renew their accommodations.

  6.       Once accommodations have been approved and communicated to the student and/or instructor, ODE will presume that accommodations are being implemented effectively unless notified otherwise. It is the student's responsibility to contact ODE if they identify issues of concern. 

Students Returning to Disability and Equity

Students must contact the ODE every semester to renew their accommodations. They do not automatically transfer from term to term, or between instructors. Students may renew their accommodations easily by contacting ODE at or calling their ODE Coordinator. If students wish to alter or amend their accommodations, they should make an appointment to discuss their request with the ODE Coordinator.

Scheduling appointments for assistive technology

If you would like to schedule one-on-one appointment training/tutoring on our alternate format apps, you may contact Leah Meyer at:

She is available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10:00 AM to 3:00 pm.

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