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Daithan Kitchens

Daithan Kitchens

Daithan studied business while at CCA and transferred to the University of Colorado, Denver where he got his bachelor’s degree in business administration, and his master’s in management & organization. “I am glad to have been able to attend CCA before attending a large 4-year university,” he says “I was able to acclimate to the culture of college, while gradually building up a balance between work, school, and my personal life.”

Now Daithan is a construction lead for Xcel Energy and oversees the installation of gas and electric infrastructures. He also owns his own photography business, KIDA Photography. “I attribute any success I’ve enjoyed to a few key factors,” Daithan states, “Always stay in learning mode; remember that failure is often the best teacher; and the road to anywhere starts with just one step.”

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