Sean Yoder

Sean YoderCCA alumnus, Sean Yoder attended CCA from 1995-98 and received an Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree. After matriculating from CCA, he went on to the University of Maine, Orono, and earned a bachelor's degree in International Affairs and a master;s in Economics.

Currently, Sean is a researcher at the University of Dublin (Trinity College). He is finishing a Ph.D. in economics with a focus on developmental economics and poverty reduction. His research has provided him the means to travel throughout the world. For example, the last few years have given him the opportunity to meet business leaders in China, evaluate poverty reduction aid programs in Kenya, and consulting on draft poverty programs for other governments. His research has been published by The World Bank.
Sean feels CCA provided him with two essential items in enabling his life and career to unfold as it has. "First, CCA gave me a key foundation in areas which are very difficult ìto master," he said. "The professional and friendly instructors at CCA took the scary out of learning. The smaller class sizes allowed for increased interaction. This interaction was necessary to my learning key concepts well. The mastery of these key concepts made future work much easier. As a result, I was able to achieve higher grades than those who had done their work in much larger classes."
Second, "my degree at CCA enabled me to secure my first major job while I was still finishing my bachelor's degree. This job helped me to pay for my further education and provide for my family. The degree at CCA was critical in my being considered for the position and eventually hired."  

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