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Alumni Success

Corie DuChateau

Director of Business Development/Head of Video Production

Corie DuChateauCorie is an overachiever when it comes to education, and that keeps her ahead of the curve in her career. Corie started her educational path by obtaining an Associate of Applied Science – Film/Video Technology, Associate of General Studies and a certificate in videography/cinematography from CCA. From there she went on to finish her studies at the University of Colorado Denver with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater, Film and Television.

She started her post collegiate career working her way up the ladder in a television production company, running the gamut of roles from Production Assistant, Camera Operator, Post Production Supervisor, Line Producer and more. Now, Corie can be found in the world of live video streaming, innovating and curating as the Director of Business Development and Head of Video Production. Hardworking is an understatement when it comes to Corie’s ethic, ensuring a bright and limitless future.


Gordon Eaton

Entrepreneur and Digital Media Creative-Editor
Prajna Media Group, Inc.

Gordon EatonGordon received not one, but two degrees from the Community College of Aurora. In 2005 he graduated with an Associate of General Studies and an Associate of Applied Science – Film/Video Technology. Gordon continued his education at the University of Colorado at Denver, going on to receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Gordon’s educational successes lead to much professional acclaim as he started his own media company, Prajna Media Group, Inc. His company has worked on projects for local television, PBS, Disney , Xfinity Latino Entertainment Channel and even created a small film with a $1 million budget. In 2014, Gordon was awarded a  National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Heartland Regional EMMY® award, a very prestigious honor.

Gordon beams about the opportunities provided by his first alma mater, “CCA helped me create a solid, educational foundation that would help me live my dreams.”


Kelly Garber

Senior Director of Clinical Services & Marketing
Apria Healthcare

Kelly GarberKelly attended CCA in 1988 to take her general education classes in an effort to lighten the load when she went for her degree at TH Pickens.

“CCA gave me an excellent start!” Kelly says.

Just a few years later she accomplished her goal and enrolled in a Respiratory Therapy program at Pickens Tech. Not only did she graduate from Pickens, Kelly received her degree with honors as a member of the Lamda Beta Honor Society.

Kelly then moved into the workforce, and after several years working at area hospitals in ER and Critical care, she moved into the device-manufacturing arena and then into home care.

Kelly has since been with Apria Healthcare for 10 years and has been moving up in the ranks. She is currently a senior director for this national company, enjoying great success!


Jena Salazar

Elementary School Teacher
Department of Defense Education Activity

Jena SalazarJena attended CCA to take her general studies courses because she knew she wanted to transfer to a 4-year university for her bachelor’s degree. She stuck to her plan, and graduated in 1998 with an A.A. and an A.G.S., and then transferred to Metro State. Just a year later she graduated from Metro with a B.S. in Criminal Justice.

While her original plan was to work in Criminal Justice or move on to law school, things worked out a little differently. “At the time of my graduation from Metro I had 3 young children, and felt law school would be too demanding on my family.”

But she didn’t stop there – instead she started substitute teaching, and in 2004 she graduated from National University with an M.Ed. She has been teaching ever since.

In 2010 Jena graduated again, this time from Liberty University with her Ed.S. in Educational Leadership.

Currently, Jena is working for the Department of Defense Education Activity and teaching at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

“I really enjoy my job and I am so grateful that I get to teach the children of our military men and women.”

Now Jena is a doctoral candidate at Liberty University, and is set to graduate with her Ed.D this year!


Josh Coe

Systems/Hardware Engineer
Raytheon Company

Josh CoeJosh attended CCA with the same intention as many of our students – to transfer to a 4-year university. In Josh’s case, it was the University of Colorado at Denver’s electrical engineering program. The difference for Josh was that he was going back to school after serving 4 years in the US Navy.

“It had been a long time since I had been a serious student,” Josh says. “I appreciate my time at CCA -- it enabled me to learn how to be a successful student.”

While at CCA, he studied math, science and took care of his gen-ed classes. His planning worked, and Josh graduated from UCD in 2013 with his Bachelor of Science as a member of Tau Beta Pi (the oldest engineering honor society.)

“During those 10 years at CCA and UCD, I always worked full-time, and I averaged two classes per semester including most summer semesters.” Josh deserves a lot of credit for his hard work and dedication, but he gives some back to CCA, “It would have been much more difficult for me to succeed had I not decided to restart my education at a community college” he says.

Now Josh is successfully working in his field as a Systems/Hardware Engineer at Raytheon Company. He has been working there for the past six years.






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