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President's Welcome

Betsy Oudenhoven, VP at the Community College of Aurora, located in Aurora ColoradoPresident’s welcome
My name is Betsy Oudenhoven, and I am the president of the Community College of Aurora. I started at CCA as the Vice President of Student Affairs and was appointed president in December of 2013. I am very excited to serve in this position, as CCA is a wonderful college with a lot to offer.

For prospective students
CCA has programs that will prepare you for transfer to a four-year institution or for immediate employment with over 40 different certificate and degree programs to choose from. CCA is one of your most affordable college options, and we are able to assist many of our students through scholarships or financial aid. Our classes are small, and our faculty love to teach, creating the kind of learning environment that is perfect for any student. For high school students who have already taken concurrent enrollment classes, we hope that you will complete your degree with us.

For new students
You are now part of an educational community that cares about your success. Don’t be shy about talking with your teachers if you have questions or need additional assistance. They are here to help you. Take advantage of the many wonderful support services that we offer including: advising, tutoring, college success classes, accessibility services, services for active military and veterans and more. This is a college that wants you to succeed, so let us know how we can help! 

For continuing students
Keep it going. Research shows that students who maintain continuous enrollment are more likely to graduate. Take as many classes as you can handle each semester, but try to enroll in at least one course so you continue to make forward progress. Many of our students attend on a part-time basis, but what matters is that you have a goal in mind and keep striving for it. Graduation is my favorite day of the academic year, and I want to see you there.

Thanks for your interest in the Community College of Aurora. We will do our very best to help you to meet your goals, and I hope that you come to love this college as much as I do.

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