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Aleyha Murphy

I always knew I wanted to seek higher education even as a child. As I grew older I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the recording or music industry. I wanted to have a skill or asset to obtain a job in my field since not many people have one in the recording industry. Currently I am enrolled in general studies and I plan to complete a certificate in entrepreneurship. I want to eventually start my own recording studio or work for a label. I am a lyricist and music producer. I attended CCA previously, went to Arapahoe Community College for a year, and came back to CCA this fall because I like the environment. Sometimes it is difficult to balance the drama in my own life with my academic life. I live with my mom and younger siblings. My sisters have some disabilities and my family has limited resources for transportation to school so getting to school sometimes has been a challenge. I’ve been to other community colleges but I came back to CCA because I love it. I like that it’s diverse but I also sense genuine care from my instructors. It’s relaxed and comfortable.

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