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Jaylem Durousseau

My father moved to Colorado at 18 from Guam in search of better opportunities. He lived in an apartment off Colfax with a beanbag chair as his only furniture. I was born when my father was about to turn 19, and to help support me he worked two jobs because he was determined to provide me with a life better than his. One thing he always stressed is the importance of education to better myself, and to give myself more opportunities. Sadly, I did poorly in high school and graduated with a sub 2.5 GPA but I still managed to get into college. Although I was accepted at Regis University, I could not afford it, so I enlisted into the U.S. Army Reserve as a psychological operations specialist to help pay for college. After finishing advanced individual training in May, I decided Regis was still out of reach financially and made the decision to attend CCA to study political science. I hope after graduation to transfer to  University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado State University, or Regis University, and eventually attend law school. I want to thank all my instructors and peers, but most importantly my family for pushing me, and inspiring me every day to be the best person I can be.

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