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Leya Admasu

I grew up in Ethiopia. Growing up without a father can be hard and devastating, but with a strong mother like mine, who would go through anything to make sure I succeed, I knew I could be successful. I came to Colorado in 2015 and joined CCA. I received full support from CCA to ensure I flourished as a student. All the staff wants to see you succeed and are willing to work with you, especially my favorite instructor Kate Noon-Ulvila. She is like my college mother; she taught me so many things. She reassured me when I told her I wanted to become a teacher just like her. After graduation, I want to become an art teacher and have my own institute to work with youths to keep them off the street. I want to thank my lord and savior, Jesus Christ; my mother, and my uncle Tadesse Yohannes, for being supportive throughout all my education. I also what to thank my advisor Eric Clark, he inspired me to believe I can do anything and helped to raise my confidence.

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