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Art Careers

A career in the creative economy (the fifth largest economic industry in Colorado) is both challenging and rewarding. The industry is for strong people with vision, who want to use art to entertain, uplift, and communicate.

Careers in Art

Opportunities exist in the design fields including graphic design, web design, motion graphic design, industrial/product design, and environmental design. Many businesses rely on the services of designers as a critical part of their business. Read more about careers in design on BLS.

If you can draw and tell stories, you may have a winning combination. Illustrators create art for picture books, comics, films, animations, and posters. Read more about Illustration careers on BLS.

Fine Art
If you have a distinct artistic vision and a strong visual message, selling in galleries, painting portraits, or creating found-object installations for a museum may be an option for you. In addition, many jobs surround the installation and management of the creative works we find in galleries, museums, and shops. Read about potential careers on BLS.

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Careers Using Art

Art Education (K-12)
Art programs are necessary and teachers shape the creative minds of the future. From Kindergarten to High School age kids, students benefit greatly from an educator with a firm understanding of art and creativity.

Art Education (higher education)
Art is essential in a well rounded education, and can be quite rewarding on a post-secondary level.Read more about post-secondary art education positions on BLS.

Art Director
Art directors work in a variety of fields including media (newspaper, magazines), marketing, production and film and television. They design and create artwork, layouts and more. Read about Art Director positions on BLS.

Gallery Director/Curator
Learning to appraise, archive, edit and curate art in an interesting and profound way is essential to museums, galleries, botanic gardens and other cultural entities. Learn more about Gallery Director and Curator careers on BLS.

Art Therapy
Art has been proven to be a healing tool which can be used as therapy or as part of a recreation plan to improve a person's physical, social and emotional well-being. Learn more about recreational therapy careers on BLS.

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